Al Gore’s Favorite Graph

In his presentations on global warming, profiteering, prophet Al Gore likes to use a graph similar to the one below from Vostok, Antarctica, ice core to show apparent correlations between temperature and carbon dioxide. When pressed about cause and effect, Gore says the relationship is “complex.”


The scientists working on the Vostok ice core report that temperature changes PRECEDE changes in CO2 concentration by about 800- to 1,300 years. This should not be surprising because temperature has great influence on CO2 solubility in the ocean. Notice that the temperature cycles occur in approximately 100,000 (±20,000)-year intervals. This coincides with the variation in the precession of the Earth’s elliptical orbit around the Sun. Can you think of anything that would make CO2 cycle this way if it were the driver rather than temperature? And what would stop the rise of CO2 if it were the controlling variable?

You may have heard climate alarmists say something like this: “There is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today than at any time during the past 650,000 years, based on analyses of the chemical composition of air bubbles entrapped in Antarctic ice over that time.”

That contention relies on an unproven assumption. The assumption is that entrapped bubbles are an accurate measure of the ancient atmosphere. In fact, there is good evidence that, with increasing pressure and time, the bubbles undergo chemical and physical changes which deplete CO2, so it is unlikely that they contain true ancient atmospheric compositions. Furthermore, reconstructions based on ice core bubble composition data disagree with reconstructions from most other proxies.


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  1. So, even if one accepts that there is reason for continued debate on the human contribution to CO2 levels and global warming, what is the harm in taking steps to reduce CO2 emissions?

    1. The harm is that it wastes resources that could be put to better use.
      Read my post “Your carbon footprint doesn’t matter.”

    2. See my comment below and if you have time, check out the documentary. It is approx 80 min long, but after watching, you’ll not only see clearly what is causing global warming, but you’ll see why it’s a problem for us to promote the idea of man made global warming.
      I used to have the same thought you did…I love the environment, and even though I don’t believe in man made global warming, I felt that if it got people to behave, then good. But then I saw people take their eyes off the things that really make a difference for our environment, and focus dangerously on the ellimination of CO2. Then I see our Congress passing a Cap and Trade Bill that is fueled by and aimed at reducing CO2. The whole term “Carbon Foot Print” almost makes me sick now, because people are losing the big picture.
      It’s like when parents want their kids to behave for christmas. They tell them that Santa won’t come unless they are good. It’s a nice idea, but then people lose the true meaning of Christmas and forget that it’s a holiday to celebrate the birth and life of Jesus Christ. It’s the same with old fairy tales. They didn’t want their kids to go into the forest, so they told the story of hansel and gretel…or Little Red Riding Hood.

      The problem comes when people grow up and realize that they’ve been fooled, they lose their motivation to behave correctly.
      If we focus on the real problem, and stop lying to people about big bad wolves or CO2 Carbon Foot Prints, or Big Foots foot print, then people will have something real and true to get behind.
      I love the new Honda Prius commercial. They had every opportunity and reason to say that their car had a smaller “Carbon Footprint”, or that “it was a cure for Global Warming”. Instead, they took the honest approach. They said that their car puts out less smog forming emissions…that is where the real problem is. It’s not CO2, but it’s the pollutants that get put into the air. IT’s the trash people throw on the streets. It’s the people dumping in areas that contaminate underground water supplies. It’s people dumping in the oceans.
      That’s where our focus should be. We need to save the environment, but we won’t have the kind of support from the people we need support from if we keep scaring people into short term bursts of environmentalism with lies and money making scams that result in Legislation that increases our tax burden unnecessarily.
      Anyway, Check out the movie I posted links for. There are 8 segments that are 10 minutes each. You’ll be amazed at what you learn…and you can be confident that it’s real science, and not science fiction/fantasy scare tactics.

  2. It’s amazing that, despite all the facts to the contrary, people still follow the “church of Gore”. Unfortunately, many of those have been elected to Congress and the White House.

  3. I don’t think the scientists who’ve been working on global warming at a real level take Al Gore’s antics seriously.  From what I’ve seen, the chart is completely wrong — and if you look at real scientists or (from what I’ve seen) even Greenpeace, the whole idea that global warming caused all past warming/cooling is just Al Gore’s loony idea: of course volcanoes, changes in the sun or things we don’t yet understand cause most of this.
    Al Gore aside, the basic physics told us to expect warming based on science done in the third quarter of the last century — the debate would have been considered largely uncontroversial twenty years ago if we were talking about another planet’s atmosphere.  And during the last twenty years, the evidence has gotten pretty overwhelming that we are playing with fire and much more likely to get burned than not.

  4. The harm is that we’re being lied to. Any serious scientist can look at the data for 5 minutes and see clearly that the Global warming is a myth turned into a political ideology where they create justification for serious Cap and Trade Taxes, where farmers are taxed because of their cows’ flatulance.
    Instead of trying to fight a mythical big bad wolf, how about we use the technology we have been given to have a more realistic, helpful, and productive approach to the environment. I’d consider myself an environmentally conscious person. I encourage recycling, I encourage responsible use of our resources, but we cannot promote or encourage the telling of myths to force us to behave a certain way…especially when the expected behavior will not yield the perceived results.
    If people want a cleaner environment, then we need to do what it takes to clean up the environment, and stop worrying about CO2 as if it were the plague. CO2 is vital to life, and it is absurd to think that it has anything to do with causing global warming.
    If you TRULY WANT TO LEARN WHAT IS CAUSING GLOBAL Climate change (something that has been happening since the beginning of time), then check out this documentary. It will be refreshing to watch this and see real science at work, and not inflamatory science and propaganda. This documentary also explores the political and social reasons behind the man made global warming religion.
    Clip 1 of 8 :

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    Clip 8 of 8

  5. All of the youtube links that you posted to tell the truth about global warming have been removed.  Why?

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