Oceans Warmer?

A front page story in the Arizona Daily Star today (9-2109) proclaims “World’s Oceans Warmer Than Ever.” Well, not exactly, it depends on which data set you are reading.  The graph below from NOAA (NOAA’s ERSST.v3b version) shows that past July ocean temperatures have exceeded current values.

To see an analysis of this Associated Press story, see http://tinyurl.com/mautss





  1. Ice.  Melting.
    Warmer oceans or colder….the ice….planet-wide….melting……whatever you want to say about it….the glaciers, ice caps….all going….famine coming…..no matter how smart one appears……the ice is very important and it is going, going, gone.

  2. What’s one tiny omission of pertinent detail when you can generate all kinds of sensationalistic buzz?

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