Another Federal Boondoggle?

“Obama’s federal government can weatherize your home for only $57,362 each.” That was the headline in a Los Angeles Times story yesterday, based on numbers from the GAO. Nobel prize wining energy secretary Steven Chu blames government red tape. Who would of thought it? The Energy Department disputes GAO figures.

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  1. Typical Federal Government Waste. I work for a local branch of a nationwide insulation company and we do alot of govt. contract work all over southern Arizona. The latest horn o’ plenty pork project we received is called C-PAC, retro-insulating occupied low income homes. No problem with that, right? 😉 The feds, in their infinite wisdom, make the minimum pay for these jobs three times what we normally pay our installers. Reason? None that I can see, as our journeymen make a comfortable living on their normal pay.
    PS- They did make us purchase a pricey sign which must be displayed on all jobsites, proclaiming in English and Spanish, the ridiculous amount of money our govt. has no problem removing from our taxpaying pockets to pay these inflated pay scales.

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