Bureaucracy Bungling Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup

As crude oil washes over Gulf beaches, the federal bureaucracy is denying use of effective tools to mitigate damage. Sitting in Norfolk, Virginia, a converted oil tanker is awaiting permission to go to the gulf to help clean up the oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon break.

The ship, called the S.S. A-Whale, a giant oil tanker, was built in South Korea, modified in Portugal, is owned by Taiwanese, and flagged in Liberia. Hence its use is stopped by the Jones Act which has yet to be waived to allow foreign ships to help. This ship has the capacity to gather up 500,000 barrels of oil a day from surface waters. To put that in perspective, the current government authorized fleet has taken 70 days to collect 600,000 barrels of oil.

The ship works as a skimmer gathering oil, separating oil from water, storing the oil, and discharging the residue. Trouble is, the residue contains a little more than the 15 parts per million oil that the EPA permits to be discharged. But rules are rules.

See more on the Gulf and the bureaucracy.


  1. It appears that BP is running the clean up operation.  They have a different agenda.  Goldman Sachs owned 44% of BP and sold the stock two weeks prior to the explosion.
    Halliburton which was involved in the capping of the well, purchased Boots and Coots prior to the explosion, knowing they would be engaged to clean up the mess they helped create.
    This appears that prior knowlege was present.  The Federal government is incapable of operating independently from the corporate controllers.  Louisiana or Alabama or Florida could declare a state of emergency and arrest the owners of the companies and take control of the operation…bringing in help from all over  the world.  The Norwegians, Belgium, etc.
    skimmers should be lined up across the gulf!!  Best Wishes, Doug

    1. I believe the CEO of BP sold shares as well. But it really isn’t a big deal because it isn’t what it seems. In fact, they are all psychic and internalized the entire thing happening before it actually happened. There was no evil intent, just great intuition. Can’t fault them for that can you?

  2. Think outside the box. Just “Go for a cruise” down to the gulf in your skimmer boats. I seriously doubt Pres.Rectum will sign orders to oppose the “harvesting” of  oil in international waters. Since the international bankers will not reimburse, closer in collecting will be easier to arrange reimbersement and support and processing. Thanx for the help.   Sincerely yours, America

    1. Unfortunately most of the oil is pretty much useless due to all the Corexit that has been used. Also the vast majority of it now resides about 1000 feet down and is heading for the jet stream. I guess that means we can all enjoy the free oil. LOL

  3. This is not “bungling.”  This is intended, it’s too obviously “in your face” to be “bungling.” Doug has a strong point. My feeling is that there is more to it than just greed – which is certainly a powerful drive and can effectively drive people crazy.  I believe the insane behavior we’re witnessing day after day comes from people who are “under influence.” A sinister influence. At all event, the best that could happen in the circumstances is that their freedom to act and decide of anything be immediately taken away from them. They’re certainly insane because they’ve become dangerous to everybody, that’s clear, including to themselves, and are apparently unaware of it. Which is insanity.

  4. See the you tube clip 2009 “Knowing” which leaked the Gulf oil spill planned as an apocalyptic event. 

    1903 see zionist banker Meyrink predict in “Petroleum, Petroleum” an eventual armegeddon oil spill in the gulf meant to depopulate most of mankind.

    This was a chemical, biological extinction attack against all mankind by the NWO.  It is undeniable to any who cares to look.

  5. It seems that ships specifically constructed to skim oil off the seas could make a tremendous profit.  So, why don’t they (that being, ANY such flagged, oil recovery ship) simply go into the Gulf of Mexico and skim that oil and then sell it to the highest bidding, oil-cracking center for processing?
    That oil has effectively been abandoned by BP.  It is in international waters.  It seems to me that it’s kinda’ like the low-hanging fruit around a money tree.

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