Questions on assisting Raytheon

The Arizona Daily Star story today outlines city/county proposals to allow for expansion of Raytheon, a major employer in the area.

The government proposal involves realigning roads (see map below):

Divert South Alvernon Way to the southeast so it will no longer cut across the future location of a third runway for Tucson International that the airport could build 20 to 40 years from now. Alvernon Way would travel to the southeast until it connected to the alignment of South Craycroft Road – where Craycroft would be if it extended that far south. The current alignment of South Alvernon would be closed as would portions of South Swan Road along with Hughes Access. Old Vail would be improved and expanded. Cost: $31 million.

My question is why bother realigning Alvernon? Why not simply abandon it south of Los Reales Road and gain access to the property from the Nogales Highway? Wouldn’t that save money?

I invite the city/county to provide an explanation of why that alternative is not being considered.


  1. Possibly because that access to the north will be necessary when development of the Southlands gets going.

  2. Despite the name, Hughes Access Road is not solely for Raytheon employees – many take Alvernon to Hughes Access as a faster and easier route to get south on Nogales Hwy.  Beats taking Valencia across with the lights and traffic.
    Also they probably don’t want to strand the gravel pits and other commercial operations at the corner of Alvernon and Hughes Access.

  3. pretty simple… just leave it for the 20 or 40 years to see if that potential 3rd runway will ever become an issue. Who knows? In 20 years we could have aircraft that do not require runways at all. Waste of money for a “possible” expansion.

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