Satellite photos of Arizona wildfires

NASA’s Aqua satellite provides some photos of Arizona’s two largest wildfires.

Below is a photo, as of June 8, of the Wallow fire which has spread across 216,600 acres. The red outlines show areas still burning.


The smoke plume from the Wallow fire extends across the mid-West:


Below is a photo of the Horseshoe 2 fire burning in the Chiricahua Mountains. The fire started May 8 and has burned 116,000 acres. The photo is from May 8. Below the photo is a Forest Service map showing the area burned and the fire fronts as of June 8.



Finally, is another NASA photo showing both fires and almost all of Arizona.


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  1. Amazing photos. 
    On the statewide shot (with both fires) you can also see Lake Mead (upper left) and Colorado River delta (lower left). 

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