Possible consequences of the coming solar minimum

As I reported earlier this week, astronomers, using three independent lines of evidence, predict that sunspot activity will go into hibernation portending a long, and possibly significant cooling period.

Some warmists are trying to minimize the potential effects by referring to the relatively weak total solar irradiance cycle rather than the much stronger coincident effect from changes of the solar magnetic field.

 Dr. Don J. Easterbrook, Professor of Geology, Western Washington University, looks at the scientific and historical record of what happened during the Maunder Minimum from 1645 to 1700 AD. Here is an excerpt from his post:

The Maunder Minimum was not the beginning of The Little Ice Age—it actually began about 1300 AD—but it marked perhaps the bitterest part of the cooling. Temperatures dropped ~4º C (~7 º F) in ~20 years in mid-to high latitudes. The colder climate that ensued for several centuries was devastating. The population of Europe had become dependent on cereal grains as their main food supply during the Medieval Warm Period and when the colder climate, early snows, violent storms, and recurrent flooding swept Europe, massive crop failures occurred. Winters in Europe were bitterly cold, and summers were rainy and too cool for growing cereal crops, resulting in widespread famine and disease. About a third of the population of Europe perished.

Glaciers all over the world advanced and pack ice extended southward in the North Atlantic. Glaciers in the Alps advanced and overran farms and buried entire villages. The Thames River and canals and rivers of the Netherlands frequently froze over during the winter. New York Harbor froze in the winter of 1780 and people could walk from Manhattan to Staten Island. Sea ice surrounding Iceland extended for miles in every direction, closing many harbors. The population of Iceland decreased by half and the Viking colonies in Greenland died out in the 1400s because they could no longer grow enough food there. In parts of China, warm weather crops that had been grown for centuries were abandoned. In North America, early European settlers experienced exceptionally severe winters.

Read Easterbrook’s full post here.

Little Ice Age

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