Book Review: DERANGED, a novel of horror by Lonni Lees

Deranged coverI have written several book reviews on this blog, but this is the first time I review a work of fiction, that is, intentional fiction. This book, a first novel by Tucson author Lonni Lees, is a psychological thriller. Lonni has published many short stories of the noir genre, in Hardboiled Magazine and in anthologies such as Deadly Dames both published by Gryphon Books.

I recommend this book because it is a good page-turning thriller and because Lonni is my wife and owns many reference books on poisons, weapons, and murders.

The Story is a chilling, thrilling exercise in unrelenting horror and suspense.

 Just an ordinary-looking man, Charlie Blackhawk is really a monster inside, a cold-blooded killer who likes to use a knife. When his path crosses that of Meg Stinson and her 12-year-old daughter, Sabrina, their lives are changed forever.

What’s the connection between the Stinsons and a girl named Amy? Do Amy’s nightmares hold the key to Sabrina’s survival? Within these pages the reader is in for a dark and dangerous ride.

 Praise for DERANGED:

“DERANGED is a hell of a good read by a bright new talent. It’s a harrowing ride, a first novel mixing crime with horror and horror with crime in a way you won’t soon forget. Bravo!”

Gary Lovisi, HARDBOILED magazine and Gryphon Books


 “Lonni Lees sends chills down my spine!”

Terrill Lee Lankford, Novelist and Film maker


Deranged is available from the publisher Wildside Press and from Amazon as a print book and as a Kindle ebook, or may be ordered through your favorite bookstore.

Lonni will have another book out in a few months. It will be an anthology of short stories by Lonni and her sister Arlette Lees, also a published author.

Lonni is working on another novel, a murder mystery, that will take place in Tucson.


  1. Congratulations Lonni!
    and of course, Jonathan!
    Looking forward to your novel! Living in the sticks, I’ll have to go to the big city to order. Thanks for the info. ~Regards, Leon
    PS–Did you ever get the 75th anniversary book?

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