Book Review: RAD DECISION by James Aach

Rad decisionThis novel takes place at a nuclear power plant in Indiana. The story follows several engineers as they operate, test, and deal with the problems of operating a nuclear power plant. A parallel story follows one of the engineers who is a Russian mole ordered to take the plant down.

The story becomes especially fast-paced following the sabotage as the plant operators deal with a series of cascading events which threaten to destroy the plant.

The author, James Aach, is a nuclear engineer who investigates equipment malfunctions, radiation exposure, and violations of federal regulations. His book is both entertaining and informative. It gives the reader a detailed view on how nuclear plants work. Within the book, he provides diagrams of the reactor and its multiple safety systems and a chart on radiation exposure. He provides more information on his website:

This story, published in 2006, anticipates some of the things that must have occurred when Japan’s Fukushima reactor failed as the result of earthquakes and a tsunami earlier this year.

The book is available on Amazon.


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