Obama spends $20 million to create 14 green jobs in Seattle

Last year, with great fanfare, the city of Seattle received a $20 million federal grant to invest in weatherization, insulating buildings to save energy. The program was supposed to create 2,000 green jobs. The score so far, more than a year after the program was initiated: three homes have been retrofitted with insulation and 14 jobs, mostly administrative have been created.

See the story in the Seattle PI here. Story headline: Seattle’s ‘green jobs’ program a bust.

And we wonder how to cut federal spending.



  1. Really?  Obama gets to spend any money he wants?  Another misrepresented story from the Citizen…someone does not like our President. 

    1. Obama is the chief executive and therefore responsible for the actions of the agencies.  And he has touted “green jobs” as a major policy.

  2. From the article you reference …
    By the time Seattle won the award, homeowners were battered by unemployment and foreclosures. The long-term benefits of energy upgrades lacked the tangible punch of a new countertop. And the high number of unemployed construction workers edged out new weatherization installers for the paltry number of jobs.
    “Really, we couldn’t have rolled out this program at a worse time,” said Greenwich, who had helped write the city’s grant proposal.
    “The outcomes are very disappointing. I think the city has worked really hard, but no one anticipated just how bad this recession was going to be, and the effect it was going to have on this program.”

    … the problem was on the Seattle side – local planning.

    Sorry, but this is some dishonest hyperbole. If people cant trust you, you have nothing. This is propaganda.


  3. Green is also the color of rotting stinking thinking.
    Don’t be fooled by the socialist manifesto.

    1. Wouldnt they then be federal spenders?
      You are being fed propoganda. What he is saying is dishonest. There is no place for the intellectually dishonest in science. He is an engineer – a good thing – not a scientist.

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