Climate craziness and warming activists

On the front page of the Arizona Daily Star this morning we were treated to a story about a group called the National Institute for Peer Support asking Tucsonans about their opinions on climate change. The group is also sponsoring a bicycle ride to promote alternative fuels.

Upon looking at the NIPS (as they call themselves) website we find that they were “founded as ‘Deep Democracy’… to develop and apply a model of social change based on the principles and practices of peer support.” Where have we heard that before? The site also claims “In global warming, the United States and the world now face the greatest crisis in the history of our species. If we keep on doing what we are doing, the planet will become inhabitable [sic] by humans and most other species.” Wow! (Note to NIPS: inhabitable means fit for habitation.)

Looking at another NIPS website cited in the Star story, :, we find that this group is affiliated with a group advocating reducing the atmospheric content of carbon dioxide from the current 396ppm (that’s 0.0396%) to 350 ppm (0.0350%) in order to save the planet.

Add to that a story from Reuters which says in part: “At present emissions levels, in less than 20 years the sky would effectively be full [of carbon dioxide], meaning every extra tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted would have to be removed to stay within safer climate limits…” This story is apparently a propaganda precursor to the next IPCC report on climate change. How will we ever get around when the atmosphere is “full.” The political atmosphere seems to be full of it now.

That magic number 350 is apparently the concentration to keep the global temperature from rising beyond 2° C according to the activists.

Of course, neither the IPCC nor any of these warming activists have presented any physical evidence to support their contention that human carbon dioxide emissions have a significant effect on global temperature nor any evidence to support the contention that 350ppm is the proper “safe” limit.

 And, they appear to be ignorant of the fact that for most of this planet’s history, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration has been above 1,000ppm. Only during the Carboniferous Period ice age has carbon dioxide been as low as it is now.

Phanerozic temp

 The NIPS may be well-intentioned, but through ignorance, they are fighting a phantom menace.

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  1. Ah JD, beating the corporate/Tea Party drum again/still I see.

    Sure is an interesting graph you tossed up there, and obviously since it is a picture we must all believe that it is gospel.

    How about providing a link to the science that is being displayed in that Beck/Limbaugh/Fox inspired picture. 

    1. References for the graph:
      Temperature after C.R. Scotese
      and from Veizer, Jan, 2005, Celestial Climate Driver: A Perspective from Four Billion Years of the Carbon Cycle, Geoscience Canada, V. 32, no. 1.
      CO2 reconstruction from Berner, R.A. and Kothavala, Z., 2001, GEOCARB III: A revised model of atmospheric CO2 over Phanerozoic time: Am. J. Sci., v. 301, p. 182-204

  2. Also worth mentioning that despite global CO2 levels many times higher than currently, earth slipped into Ice Ages during Carboniferous-Permian Periods  and during the more recent Pleistocene. 

  3. “… that Beck/Limbaugh/Fox inspired picture….”  You are forgetting about Marc Morano at, though.
    You are implying Beck, Limbaugh, Fox News and Morano write this material themselves and dispatch it to people like Jonathan? Those other guys make this stuff up out of thin air? You have proof this is happening?
    Or are those guys linking to other sources in order to cite where their viewpoints come from? Supposing they are citing other sources, you are able to prove those others are fabricating what they say?

  4. “If we keep on doing what we are doing, the planet will become inhabitable [sic] by humans and most other species.””
    Perhaps they are referring to the dying off of liberals. 

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