Al Gore faked video of warming experiment

Last month climate charlatan Al Gore presented his “24 hours of climate reality” as part of his “Climate Reality Project.” One of the videos shows what Gore called a high-school physics experiment. He had a thermometer in each of two glass jars, one filled with normal air, the other filled with carbon dioxide. As heat is applied, the temperature in the CO2-filled jar is apparently seen to rise faster.

Trouble is, it didn’t happen that way. The portion of the video purporting to show the two thermometers rising is in fact as split screen of just one of the thermometers with a time delay on one screen.

An attempt to reproduce the experiment and analysis of the video found the deception. See the analysis and videos here.



  1. This is an old story that was posted by the “Daily Mailer” denier website. “Media Matters” website explained why its a non-story and you should read it yourself! Boy, you guys are desperate!

    1. The point is that Gore presented a deception, something that the Media Matters article admits. Furthermore, the way the experiment was conducted, even if Gore hadn’t cheated, would not prove his point.

  2. Nothing Gore had in his 24 hrs. of propaganda could pass the smell test let alone detailed analysis. That’s why so few people watched it.

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