Book Review: The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert, an IPCC Exposé

Laframboise coverIn this book, Canadian journalist Donna LaFramboise exposes the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as a fraud.  LaFramboise (see author profile here) spent two years investigating the IPCC.  She says it acts like a spoiled teenager, hence the title of the book.

The IPCC has long been touted as the preeminent authority on climate science.  But LaFramboise shows that the participants were picked by governments, not for their scientific expertise, but for their political connections and for “diversity.”  Many of the scientists are in fact, very young graduate students.  Many of the bureaucrats in the IPCC are from radical environmental groups.  Real experts are often ignored.  She says the IPCC is a purely political organization, not a scientific one, and she backs up her charges with copious references.

The IPCC has always claimed that its reports are based exclusively on published peer-reviewed research.  But LaFramboise found, after a meticulous review of the cited references, that about 28% of sources were from magazine articles, press releases, and unpublished papers.  In fact, the major conclusions of one chapter in the latest IPCC report were based on two papers that had not been published.  When an IPCC expert reviewer asked the IPCC and the papers’ authors for supporting data, they all refused to produce the data.  Yet, the IPCC claims it is completely transparent.

LaFramboise points out that the IPCC does not check sources.  And, “Peer review does not prove that a piece of research is true.” “A couple reviewers, of course, are a poor substitute for mass scrutiny. Sometimes reviewers are chosen poorly; other times they’re lazy.”

LaFramboise names names in her tale of corruption, conflicts of interest, scandals, and suppression of data that does not agree with the “company line.” One of the names unfavorably mentioned is University of Arizona professor Jonathan Overpeck.

She points out that the Summary for Policy Makers, a document given to politicians and journalists,  is written before the actual articles which they claim to summarize are made available, and each line is massaged by bureaucrats rather than scientists.  Furthermore, the so-called science in the main body of the reports is then edited to conform to the summaries produced by bureaucrats.

The book examines many of the IPCC fictions such as warming causing the spread of malaria, the alleged connection between warming and increased hurricane incidence, and species extinction claims.

LaFramboise recommends that the IPCC be disbanded.  After reading this book, objective readers will agree and not take seriously anything the IPCC claims.  This is a hard-hitting book that should be read by all policymakers.

A 250-page print edition of the book will soon be available at Amazon.  I have the Kindle edition which I recommend because the text contains embedded links to supporting articles and research, just like a webpage.  The book contains abundant footnotes with more links to sources. The book is also available as a digital PDF file.

You can also visit LaFramboise’s website: No Frakking Consensus.

Also see my article, written in 2009,on the IPCC: The Assumed Authority


The Competitive Enterprise Institute has learned of a UN plan recently put in place to hide official correspondence on non-governmental accounts, which correspondence a federal inspector general has already confirmed are subject to FOIA. This “cloud” serves as a dead-drop of sorts for discussions by U.S. government employees over the next report being produced by the scandal-plagued IPCC, which is funded with millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars.

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