Arizona and the Western Climate Initiative

The Arizona Daily Star reports this morning that Arizona has dropped out of the Western Climate Initiative (WCI), “ending several years of efforts by states and Canadian provinces to force a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.  Henry Darwin, director of the Department of Environmental Quality, said the problem with the initiative is it proposed a ‘cap and trade’ system.”

I agree that a cap and trade system is an economic killer, unnecessary, and will not have any effect on global temperatures.

Instead of WCI, Arizona is joining “North America 2050, an organization of states that will explore the issue of greenhouse gas emissions, but leave it up to each member to decide what makes sense, both environmentally and economically.” But NA2050 is part of WCI, see here.

North America 2050 has four objectives according to its “fact sheet”:

1.  Coordinate efforts to design, promote and implement effective and cost-effective policies;

2.  Advocate for the most appropriate roles for federal, state, and provincial governments;

3.  Achieve meaningful emission reductions; and

4.  Demonstrate the economic and job creation benefits of policies.

Seems rather vague or ambiguous to me.  How will they ever demonstrate number three?  Considering Arizona’s budget condition, I recommend that Arizona drop the whole thing and not expend resources on this feel-good, politically correct program.

I also recommend that Governor Brewer and Mr. Darwin read my post:

A Perspective on Climate Change a tutorial.  That post presents reasons why we should not be concerned with and spend resources on the carbon dioxide-global warming myth.

And for their further edification I recommend they read two other posts:

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  1. I guess the Pentagon didn’t see Jon’s “tutorial”. Today their Science Board just gave a report to military leader’s on the security implications of AGW. Of course they aren’t privy to the vast intellectual resources of “Wry Heat”.

  2. Dr John,
    Good to hear from you again.  So, the Defense Science Board (and the contractors funded for the effort) produce a report on the EFFECTS, assuming that AGW Climate Change is happening, and the doomsday scenario predicted by the the AGW crowd are true.  Just like they study what will happen if China launches nuclear missiles at Taiwan.  It is part of the military’s job to study and prepare for any number of scenarios.  The choice on what they chose to study here IS interesting.  The military is not immune, and by constitution MUST, follow what they are told to do by the civilian political class.  And if the administration thinks that the military should be spending money on green studies and initiatives instead of those old boring things like troops and tanks and airplanes and bullets, then that is what the military will spend OUR money on.  Do you doubt that money that has been diverted from defending our nation into Green religion? Take a look at

  3. Hi Mark, No doubt about the money. It is, after all, the Dept. of Defense and not the Dept. of War. But it’s not just them. How about The World Bank. How about The National Academy of Science and the national academies of a hundred nations. How about that commie pinko U.S. Chamber of Commerce. How about all of the world’s reinsurers. How about nearly every major U.S Professional Organization. It’s just remarkable that none are as smart and well informed as Jon DuHamel. The closed minded arrogance is stunning. JP

  4. Why don’t you two get your own blogsite. Guess we have to read endless comments. Thats OK nobody reads them anyway. …I thought that maybe you two with all of your education would have learned to write in a short concise manner and make your points.
    I will check back in a day and see how many comments you two have made.

    1. Fraser, The Earth’s climate is extremely complex. If you can’t deal with complex issues or you just don’t like dealing with them; then don’t. But don’t expect the world to conform to your understanding, your understanding must conform to the world. JP

  5. Typical of a smart ass Phd. You have no idea who I am or my education or my job experience. Just waiting for the endless boring comments to follow.

    1. Fraser, What did I say about your education? What did I say about your employment? Exactly nothing. Short enough for ya? JP

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