Book Review: Zeroscape by Michael Gamble

zeroscape coverThe story in this novel has more twists and turns than an Olympic gymnastics team.  A young physicist, Rick Adams, is hired to work on a top secret weapons system at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.  He soon becomes embroiled, deeper and deeper, in an international espionage plot and a series of murders, controlled by a mysterious puppet master. Many of the characters in this story are not who they seem to be. Rick has a secret ally, at first unknown to him, who had observed a murder by the puppet master 30 years ago.  I will not be more specific to avoid revealing the surprise ending.

This 352-page book has 106 short chapters that keep the pace running fast for a good read.

The author, Dr. Michael Gamble, was a staff member of the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Physics Division, so he has inside knowledge of the lab’s workings and politics.

The book is published by MTG Publishing of Sante Fe, New Mexico and is available from in hardcover.

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  1. If you are interested in Los Alamos, checkout Richard Rhodes THE MAKING OF THE ATOMIC BOMB. Another interesting book on the topic THE CURVE OF BINDING ENERGY, McPhee. Both Non-fiction.JP

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