Obama, the Keystone Cop-out

The Keystone pipeline decision shows that politics triumphs over “shovel ready,” real job-creating projects and American energy security. The decision shows that in Obama’s mind, “big green” is more important than energy security. His administration continues to take us down the road to serfdom with its failed fantasies, such as Solyndra solar project, that will deny us the energy to maintain our economy and make us more dependent on sometimes unfriendly foreign sources.

As Warren Meyer writes in Forbes: “Obama made the decision to block the pipeline because of concern over contamination of the Ogallala Reservoir….But local environmental concerns were merely the public pretext for a decision that is much more troubling. Opposition to the pipeline began to rally among radical environmental groups long before any of them had the first clue about the pipeline route. The real goal of these groups was not to protect water along the pipeline route, but to make it impossible to develop new sources of oil in Canada.”

The pattern of obstructing American energy production is seen with the EPA’s regulatory war on electricity production from coal-fired plants, with Interior Secretary Salazar’s withdrawal of uranium resources in northern Arizona, and with its de facto moratorium on off-shore drilling.

I have previously written about how Obama seems clueless on energy (see links below). I wonder, however, whether it is truly a lack of understanding or whether it is a concerted ideological quest to cripple America. The White House website has said, “”We need to deploy American assets, innovation, and technology so that we can safely and responsibly develop more energy here at home and be a leader in the global energy economy.” But action gives the lie to the rhetoric.

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  1. KeystoneXL would have only created very temporary jobs building the pipeline. For your information, Canada is a foreign country, just like all the others, so it is not exactly reducing our dependence. After being piped across millions of acres of American farmland, grasslands, lakes, rivers, streams, and wells, it would be refined in Houston and shipped to China. After the deal was vetoed by the President, the Chinese gov’t started looking into plan B – building a pipeline to the pacific and a refinery most likely north of Vancouver BC.

  2. Temporary jobs? I think not.  Immediate impact, I think so. Reducing our dependence on foreign oil typically refers to the Middle East, but I assume some distinction should be made; or maybe clarification.  Personally, I’d rather support our friends to the North in Canada than Saudi Arabia or any other Middle Eastern country.
    “It would be refined in Houston”…. how many temporary jobs would that create?  I’d venture a guess that a whole lot more Permanent jobs would be created.So what if some of it – I don’t believe all of it – would be shipped to China. Let them pay US for Oil or put the cost towards paying off our debt to them and get us out from under their thumb.Anyone who opposes this pipeline should have their head examined.  Obama did this for pure political purposes; to satisfy his environmentalist friends.  It proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that he cares not for this country, for our economy or for our citizens. 

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