Arizona earthquakes, 1852-2011, a video time line

The Arizona Geological Survey has produced a short video showing the time and place of earthquakes in Arizona from 1852-2011.  According to the survey, “The older quakes are culled from historical records, and thus are limited to only those large enough to be felt or caused damage. In the past few decades, locations are from seismometers in the region.”  An artifact of the data makes it appear that there are more recent earthquakes.

It is very interesting to see where the earthquake hotspots are.  Can you guess before seeing the video? (Note, it starts a bit slowly.)  A running calendar appears in the lower right side of the video.

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This information and video are taken from “Arizona Geology” the blog of Arizona State Geologist Lee Allison.  See original post here.



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  1. Wow, great video.  I grew up experiencing frequent earthquakes on the Big Island of Hawaii with active Kilauea Volcano, and also on Mauna Loa.  Do you know if there is a similar video of Hawaii Island?

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