BOOK REVIEW: Crawlspace and Cold Bullets

This post introduces two anthologies of noir mystery and hardboiled crime short stories available as a double book in print form or singly on Kindle: Crawlspace by Lonni Lees and Cold Bullets & Hot Babes by Arlette Lees.


Crawlspace coverLonni has followed up on her novel “Deranged, A Novel of Horror,” with a collection of short stories that get you into the head of the protagonist.

Deep beneath the surface, they hide in all of us. The crawlspaces, cobwebbed basements, shadowed alleyways and musty attics of our minds; they are the dark and dangerous corners of the human psyche. Dormant, they lie in wait. Some pretend they’re not there and go about their innocuous lives, while others grab hold and pull them to the surface, feeding on their dark forces.  Whether a career criminal, a madman, a thug, an abused spouse or an innocent child, within these pages you’ll find those who have embraced that darkness. Some tap into it for survival, some for greed. Some use it for destruction, some just because it’s there. It dwells within all of us, waiting.

Commentary about Crawlspace:

“When Hardboiled Magazine publishes new authors, I’ve learned over the years it’s worth paying attention, and Lonni Lees is no exception. Her crime story, “The Blue-Eyed Bandit,” merges a pitch-perfect Black Mask pulp style with a more modern, psychotic noir, with the result being that Ms. Lees is someone readers should be on the lookout for.” -Dave Zeltserman, Author of Small Crimes and The Caretaker of Lorne Field.


Cold bullets cover

Detour if you dare into the dark alleys and twisted cul-de-sacs of the human heart. Brush shoulders with men whose eyes are as hard and cold as bullets – murderers, grifters, and hapless goofballs, who prey on the innocent and unsuspecting, often at their own peril.

Against your better judgment, get up close and intimate with sizzling kiss-and-kill babes, and live to tell about it … or not.

Eight hard-edged tales of criminals, killers, and their delectable molls, all with an ironic twist.

Commentary on both collections:

“The Lees Sisters, Lonni and Arlette, are unique; these two gals write their own work in their own way, but they always deliver sharp, exciting, intense crime stories you can really sink your teeth into. You can’t go wrong with the stories in this book.” -Gary Lovisi, Hardboiled magazine

“If I didn’t know the Lees Sisters were chicks, I would think they were hard-drinking, gun-toting vigilantes from Brooklyn. Genius, pure genius, runs in the Lees gene pool.”  -Cindy Rosmus, Editor, Yellow Mama

The print book containing stories from both authors is available from Amazon here, from Barnes & Noble here, and from Wildside books here. The Kindle separates are Crawlspace here, and Cold Bullets here.