A guide to the geology of the Sedona & Oak Creek Canyon area of Arizona

DTE-20 cover

UPDATE NOV 2016: This booklet is now available for free download:


This 40-page booklet, published by the Arizona Geological Survey, is one of the Survey’s “Down To Earth” series (DTE-20). A list of the other publications in this series is at the bottom of this post. The DTE series is written in non-technical terms for people who have an interest in geology, but may not have had formal training. The goal is to provide the reader with an understanding of dynamic processes that form various geological features. This issue will be of interest to professional geologists as well because it tells you where to find neat stuff. I found the booklet very interesting and a good refresher.

This publication has a two page introduction to the region describing the geological history, one of deserts, beaches, volcanic flows, uplift, and faulting. This is followed by descriptions of 24 “features.” Each feature has a great photograph and text explaining how it was formed. (See example page below.)

All of the features in this edition can be reached by short walks from Highways 89A and 79, Road 78, and from U.S. Forest Service roads. A map is provided near the front of the booklet. The back cover shows a stratigraphic column and a note by the author, Dr. John V. Bezy.

This booklet costs $8.95 and may be ordered from the Arizona Geological Survey, 416 W. Congress St. Suite 100., Tucson, AZ 85701 (order form here). Phone 520-770-3500, email: store@azgs.az.gov.

Other publications in the Down To Earth series:

DTE-20 feature13

DTE-1 Energy Resources of Arizona, by J.T. Duncan and F.P. Mancini, 1991, 17 p., scale 1:1,000,000. $6.50

DTE-2 Radon Gas: A Geologic Hazard in Arizona, by J.E. Spencer, 1992, 17 p. $2.50

DTE-3 Land Subsidence and Earth Fissures in Arizona, by S. Slaff, 1993, 24 p. $5.00

DTE-4 How Geologists Tell Time, by E.M. VandenDolder, 1995, 33 p. online at azgs.az.gov

DTE-5 ‘Things Geologic’, A Collection of Writings by H. Wesley Peirce, complied and edited by Robin Frisch-Gleason, 1996, 39 p. $8.00

DTE-6 Ice Age Mammals of the San Pedro River Valley Southeastern Arizona, by A.W. Amann, Jr., J.V. Bezy, R. Ratkevich, W.M. Witkind, 1997, 19 p. $6.95

DTE-7 Highlights of Northern Arizona Geology, compiled and edited by Robin Frisch-Gleason, 1998, 44 p. $7.95

DTE-9 A Guide to the Geology of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, by J.V. Bezy, J.T. Gutmann, and G.B. Haxel, 2000, 63 p. $7.95

DTE-10 Guide to Geologic Features at Petrified Forest National Park , by J.V. Bezy and A.S. Trevena, 2000, 48 p. $6.95

DTE-11 Rocks in the Chiricahua National Monument and the Fort Bowie National Historic Site, by J.V. Bezy, 2001, 48 p. $7.95

DTE-12 A Guide to the Geology of Catalina State Park and the Western Santa Catalina Mountains, by J.V. Bezy, 2002, 48 p. $7.95

DTE-13 A Home Buyer’s Guide to Geologic Hazards in Arizona, by R.C. Harris and P.A. Pearthree, 2002, 36 p. $8.95

DTE-14 A Guide to the Geology of the Flagstaff area, by J.V. Bezy, 2003, 56 p. $7.95

DTE-15 Roadside Geology: Wupatki and Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, by S. L. Hanson 2003, 32 p. $6.95

DTE-16 A Guide to the Geology of the White Mountains and the Springerville Volcanic Field, Arizona, by J. V. Bezy and A. S. Trevena, 2003, 56 p. $7.95

DTE-17 A Guide to the Geology of Sabino Canyon and the Catalina Highway, by J.V. Bezy, 2004, 45 p. $7.95

DTE 18 A Guide to the Geology of Saguaro National Park, by J.V. Bezy, 2005, 36p. $7.95

DTE-19 A Geologic and Natural History Tour through Nevada and Arizona along U.S. Highway 93, by Joseph V. Tingly, Kris A Pizarro, Christopher Ross, and Phillip Pearthree, 2010, $27.95

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