A small town in Wales

My wife and I toured Wales in the U.K. during a time when the country received the most rain in June in the last 50 years. It was a welcome change from the heat of Tucson.

We passed through a small town on Anglesey Island in northwest Wales. The short name is shown on the road sign in the photo below.

LLanfair short

But that’s only part of the name.  The full name and its translation is shown in the graphic below.  The name is the longest in Europe and is alleged to have been produced specifically to draw tourists.  It worked on us.

LLanfair long

The translation of the name: “St. Mary’s Church by the white hazel pool near the fierce whirlpool with the church of St. Tysilio by the red cave.



  1. Mark Evans….sounds Welsh! Lots of Evans, Jones and Williams in Wales. And the USA. Welshmen Never Yield.!!!!

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