Arizona Experience hosting a $25000 teacher lesson plan contest

Press release from the Arizona Geological Survey:

The Arizona Experience is hosting a $25,000 lesson plan contest for Arizona teachers. The contest is open to all full-time teachers, grades 4 through 12, from any accredited Arizona school, including charter, alternative, and private and tribal schools. First prize awards for individual and team entries are $3,000 and $6,000. Financial support provided by Microsoft Research.

The Imagine Arizona contest incentivizes using new, online resources and visualization tools so essential for engaging students in the 21st century. To participate, teachers must build, deploy, and submit a lesson plan that incorporates material from the Arizona Experience by 25 November 2012. Winners will be announced on 21 January 2012 and all lesson plans broadcast from the Teachers’ Center in February 2013.

Commemorating 100 years of Arizona statehood, the Arizona Experience offers a dynamic, 4-D (3-d plus changes over time), interactive and engaging web environment showcasing Arizona’s past, present, and future and addressing the question of “where we have been and where we are going.” A key objective is to provide teachers with the online resources and tools to galvanize lesson plans and meet the needs of Arizona K-12 students in the 21st century.

In unveiling the Arizona Experience website on Statehood day 2012, Governor Jan Brewer said, “The Arizona Experience is the ultimate Centennial celebration.” “… it is designed to capture the imagination of visitors, educators, business professionals, students and Arizona enthusiasts the world over.

The site is loaded with subject matter for the classroom, ranging from Arizona lands and natural resources to, as Governor Brewer noted, “the people who nurtured Arizona through its early years can be seen and studied and so too those who are now innovating its tomorrows.” Find pages on water, minerals and energy, human history and culture, biotechnology and life sciences, sports and recreation, aerospace science, innovation and the 21st century workforce, and more. Digital content includes:

· Oral histories

· Interactive maps

· Lively and engaging articles

· Illustrated historical timelines

· Flyovers of iconic landscapes (produced in Layerscape)

· Videos and interviews on Arizona history, energy, biotechnology, education, and more.

At Teacher Resources, easy to read charts provide an overview of educational materials to help teachers find resources for their classrooms. Microsoft Research’s free, online Layerscape visualization software is available, too, for dramatizing lesson plans.

For information on Imagine Arizona contest details – timing, structure, essential elements, conditions and awards – visit the Lesson Plan Contest – Imagine Arizona webpage or see the contest flyer for a brief overview.


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  1. I thought there was supposed to be an “Arizona Experience” museum. The Arizona Historical Society took over the Mineral and Mining Museum and was supposed to open something. Guess all we get is this. So what happened? Guess having actual minerals and mining equipment is not as good as “interactive” stuff.
    I heard they were going try to raise $15,000,000 for this monster. All we get is a “teacher resource”. How about a T-shirt? And Gov. Brewer doesn’t even get a party place for the “Centennial”. Anybody remember what that was? lol

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