Interactive Recreation & Cultural map of Arizona from AZGS

The Arizona Geological Survey has produced a series of interactive maps about Arizona. The newest in this series is the Recreation & Cultural Sites map which showcases the vibrant cultural diversity and outdoor attractions found throughout Arizona. “Map locations include national parks and monuments, Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands, federal recreational areas, state parks, Tribal Lands, and cultural and historic sites.” “The online map is hosted at the Arizona Experience website, which commemorates 100 years of statehood and offers an online portal to the people, places, and events that defined Arizona’s past and are shaping its future.”

Arizona recreation sitesThe graphic on the left shows the map, which is an interesting one to explore. If you mouse over one of the icons, it gives you the name of the feature. Clicking on the icon brings up a box with a website link and sometimes a phone number. Click on the website link for a description of the feature and directions to get there.

On the upper right corner of the Recreation & Cultural Sites map is a box “View other maps” which features a drop-down menu. This leads to many more interesting maps.

For instance, if you select “Volcano Map” it brings up a map showing the volcanic fields in Arizona. Clicking on any one of those shows photos of the area and a short explanation. Another interesting map is “Iconic Landscapes.” Clicking on those will bring up photos or videos of the area. In all, there are 17 different maps to explore. (Note: some of the maps initially appear blank, but there is a time-line slider at the bottom. Use it.)

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