Gold mining in Arizona 2012 update

Arizona currently has three producing gold mines and several other prospects being actively explored (see map). A new article from the Arizona Geological Survey gives the details of each mine and exploration project. (link to article)


The producing mines are the Gold Road mine near Oatman, the Copperstone mine located about 15 miles north of Quartzsite, and the Fancher deposit in the Little Horn Mountains of western Arizona. These are all underground mines.

Millions of dollars are being spent to explore eight other properties in Arizona: the Moss mine in the Oatman district, the Sugar Loaf Peak prospect located southwest of Quartzsite, the Little Butte mine in the Plomosa Mountains, the famous Vulture mine south of Wickenburg, the Newsboy project also near Wickenburg, the Margarita mine in western Santa Cruz County, the Commonwealth mine at Pearce in Cochise County (Commonwealth has also produced 21 million ounces of silver prior to 1942), and Mexican Hat, seven miles south of Pearce.

You can see historical production by county here. That page briefly describes gold districts within the counties.

You can read about mining scams here, a report from the now defunct State Department of Mines and Mineral Resources. The site is now maintained by AZGS.

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