Guide to the Geology of Catalina State Park

The Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) has just published A Guide to the Geology of Catalina State Park and the western Santa Catalina Mountains as a free, downloadable, 56-page book. This is part of the AZGS “Down-to-Earth” series. The guide contains six maps, 21 geologic features and 30+ photographs and illustrations that describe and illustrate the geology and geologic setting of Catalina State Park.

This book is written for the visitor who has an interest in geology, but may not have had formal training in the subject. It may also help ensure that the visiting geologist does not overlook some of the features described.

“The purpose of the field guide is to provide the reader with an understanding of the dynamic processes that have shaped this exceptional landscape. Many of the features discussed in the text will be encountered again and again as you continue to explore the Southwest. We hope that your experience at Catalina State Park and the Coronado National Forest will enhance the pleasure of those explorations.”

The value of this guide is that you learn about what may look to the untrained eye like ordinary features, maybe just a pile of rocks, but each feature has a story that bears on the geology of the region and provides you with a better appreciation of geological forces that shape our land.

Here is a map of the area covered:


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