The Great Arizona Shakeout October 18

At 10:18 am on Thursday, October 18, more than 35,000 school children in hundreds of classrooms across Arizona, will drop, cover, and hold on during Arizona’s first statewide Great Arizona Shakeout earthquake preparedness drill.  They will be joined by thousands more in state and federal offices, tribal communities, civic groups, and businesses and by more than 13 million nationwide (most in California).

Each year hundreds of earthquakes occur in Arizona.  Most go unfelt, but the potential for rare, life-threatening, large magnitude earthquakes exists.   Arizona’s largest earthquakes in 2011, of magnitude 3.7 and 3.6, occurred near Clarkdale in central Arizona.  Faults in Arizona, surrounding states and Mexico are capable of damaging earthquakes up to magnitude 7.5 that could cause strong ground shaking across Arizona.

During an earthquake the greatest immediate danger in most homes and buildings is from flying or falling items – ceiling tiles, furniture, pictures, lights, mirrors, ceiling fans, and other items. Lessons learned from the 2-minute ShakeOut “Drop, Cover and Hold On” exercise can protect you, your family or students from serious injury.

ShakeOut drills inform people at school, work and home how to prepare for and survive the next damaging earthquake.

Drop to the ground;

Take Cover under a sturdy table or desk if possible and protect your head and neck;

Hold On until the shaking stops.

To participate officially, go to or if you are not in Arizona, go to   This exercise has become international.

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