Animal Camouflage- how to disappear in plain sight

Many animals, both predators and prey, are very good at blending into the background to avoid being seen. The British paper, Mail Online, has a photo essay featuring the photography of Art Wolfe. The photos, taken over a period of 35 years, show how well animals can vanish into their environment. Below is just one example (can you see the owl?). See the 23-photo collection here. Try to see the animal before reading the photo caption. (H/t Syver More).

Great horned owl 2



  1. Hard to find these animals Jonathan, couldn’t find the common snipe in the Minnesota scene. Thanks for this post about Wolfe’s photography. It was fun trying to locate the animals.

    1. That was a tough one. I initially thought bottom right, but was wrong. Look bottom left as pointed out by Mark Evans.

      1. That was a tough one, even knowing it was bottom left I couldn’t see it until I Goggled ‘common snipe’ to see what one looked like and then I could see it. I was thinking I was being led on a ‘snipe hunt’ – growing up in the midwest a ‘snipe hunt’ was a rite of passage. It’s prank older boys play on younger boys: tell them you’re going snipe hunting, you take a flashlight and go out in a field at night telling the young kids that the light blinds them so you can catch them by hand an put them in a bag. All the older boys play along, saying “there’s one! Can’t you see it? Then when the young kids are running frantically around trying to catch imaginary birds you turn off your flashlight and sneak away, leaving the young kids to find their way back in the dark.

      2. I had to google “common snipe” too as I didn’t even know what it was having grown up far away in the tropics. Great story about snipe hunting, which I had never heard of either.

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