Arizona Geological Survey celebrates its 125th anniversary

Interest in geology and mining is an integral part of Arizona history. In 1888, the Arizona Territorial Legislature appointed John Blandy as Territorial Geologist. From that point, what became AZGS grew under several names from the University of Arizona Bureau of Mines (1893 – 1915), Arizona Bureau of Mines (1915 – 1977), and the Arizona Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology (1977 – 1988), to the Arizona Geological Survey (1988 to present).

To help celebrate this anniversary, AZGS has created a special webpage:

Included on that page is “Geosnaps – Image of the Day” a new photo every day depicting some aspect of Arizona geology or mining history.

Some other features will include:

Arizona Mining Review – a monthly webinar hosted by State Geologist Lee Allison to discuss Arizona mining – past, present and future.

Release of new & old geologic products bearing the 1888 – 2013, 125th anniversary logo.

Timeline graphic demarcating milestones in the history of Arizona geology.

A retrospective review on the state of geology of Arizona ca. 1888. Arizona Geology Magazine 125th year anniversary issue.

125th anniversary field trip(s).

Beginning January 23, there is the “Arizona Mining Review” with news and updates on the state of Arizona mining. Each month they will introduce a new topic and select a format – featured guest, panel discussion, Q&A session – to draw the most out of the topic.

Visit the anniversary site often.