Did an asteroid explode over Tucson?

Last night, around 7:45pm a loud boom was heard and felt over Tucson. It sounded like a sonic boom. The cause of the boom is subject to much speculation. The most probable cause was a sonic boom caused by a military aircraft, yet, so far, the military has denied responsibility according to a story in the Arizona Daily Star.

There is another possible explanation, though it might be far-fetched: a small asteroid exploded in the atmosphere over southern Arizona. KOLD News reports that someone claims to have seen “a lot of debris slow falling and shiny” on the east side of Tucson just after the boom.

Remember just two weeks ago, an asteroid exploded over Russia creating sonic booms and a shockwave. Maybe that asteroid had a small traveling companion.

UPDATE MARCH 1: The Arizona Daily Star reports that the Air Force said the boom was caused by an F-16 Fighting Falcon jet from Luke Air Force Base going supersonic “at a legal altitude” just northwest of Kitt Peak.


  1. I always enjoy watching Tucsonans speculate on topics like this. My bet is that it was a high altitude supersonic aircraft. There was no damage so the Air Force doesnt have to tell anybody what it was.
    It was the sound of freedom. Whether it was from the 162nd AzANG (they have F-16’s) or something from Nellis AFB or another base makes no difference.
    Because it was heard over such a large area would mean that it was at a higher altitude.
    No broken glass no explanation. Works for me.

    1. They reported a F-16 from Luke AFB. 425th AF Squadron (I believe). They were doing flying near Sells.
      So much for rocks from space. Maybe a little more research or just wait a day until the data comes out would be reasonable??!!

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