Republican critical thinking on climate change

Senate Republicans on the Environment and Public Works Committee have issued a 21-page Minority Report entitled Critical Thinking on Climate Change wherein they question the lack of evidence to support the Obama administration’s agenda on climate regulation.

“The EPW Minority report analyzes significant predictions and claims made by climate change scientists and activists over the last several decades regarding global warming, and then compares those predictions and claims to the most recent science. This report provides an opportunity to think critically and asks important questions about the impacts, policies and motivations related to climate change. The key sections examine the 15-year break in global warming not predicted by the models, the rate of sea level rise, extreme weather events, and the impact that unilateral regulatory action will have on the economy.”

Among the specific questions the report asks are these:

“If the computer models and predictions have been inaccurate, why is our federal government relying on these models to take unilateral action?”  And the computer models have been very inaccurate, see:More evidence that climate models are wrong.

“If global warming has been ‘worse than predicted,’ why won’t the federal government provide the data supporting this claim?”  This refers in part to the refusal by the EPA to provide data to justify their regulations.

“Given that many of these models predicted warming trends well before China surpassed the United States as the largest GHG emitter, and given the fact that emissions continue to grow at a pace beyond what was originally incorporated into the models, shouldn’t the warming be far worse than what was predicted in the worst case scenarios rather than well below predictions?”

“If the present rate of sea level rise would put the world on pace to see an increase of less than 7 inches by the end of the century, then where are the data sets the IPCC and other advocates use to come up with estimates that are in feet and/or meters?”

For background see: Sea Level Rising? and Rate of sea level rise is controlled by natural oscillations

“If empirical evidence indicates that the rate of sea level rise is decreasing, how does the IPCC claim that there definitively is a strong correlation between sea level rise and CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere?  Doesn’t the science tend to indicate that there is a lack of correlation?”

“When we are unable to predict extreme weather events, and empirical evidence does not show that extreme weather events are increasing, why would some scientists/activists claim that extreme weather events are the product of human activity?”

“Did extreme weather events begin with the advent of the internal combustion engine, or does historical and geological evidence exist indicating extreme weather events have been occurring for hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years?” See:

Media pawns in IPCC extreme weather hype

“Given the dynamic nature of our climate and the factors well outside of human … including lack of technology to govern these factors, is it possible to control and stop climate change through government regulations?”

This report is a political document, but then “climate science” is mostly political.  The report asks questions that should be answered before any regulations affecting our energy and electricity generation are promulgated.


  1. Why are you remaining climate blame believers so anxious to fear monger our children when science has only been saying it just “could be”, not “WILL be” a crisis for the last 28 years? Shame on all of you! Science didn’t commit a hoax, YOU did!

    1. Rummage through this character’s comments and he/she/it pretty much repeats the same lines as what you see above. I wonder if this person/thing is real or is some kind of robot commenter. At least with the comment material that I repeat, I tailor-make it to fit the article I place it it.

      Our AGW friends seemingly torpedo their own efforts when they see a need to create “RealityDrop”-generated comments, or worse, create Twitterbots like the one called “@wood757” which stop resonding to you the moment you ask them gibberish questions.

      1. Mememime has posted over 3500 comments, mostly the same phrases = troll. Email name is Paul Merrifield.

  2. I agree completely. Climate alarmists have been misleading the public with flawed science. We’ve now has 16 years of no temperature change despite an 8% increase in carbon dioxide emissions.

  3. I agree that much of the “sky is falling” hysteria displayed by most of our global warming/climate change theory proponents lack adequate(or any) documentation. Thanks for un-muddying the waters a bit. It’s hard drawing order out of all the chaos surrounding this issue.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Repubs issued a “Critical Thinking on Evolution” report. So many issues have become litmus-tests that any Repub candidate has to twist themselves into knots in order to be a “true conservative”.

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