Arizona’s first online Natural Hazard Viewer

The Arizona Geological Survey & Arizona Division of Emergency Management have announced release of an online interactive hazards viewer.

The interactive Natural Hazard Viewer focuses on four hazards common to Arizona—geologic faults and earthquakes, earth fissures, floods and wildfire. Each hazard is described in detail and displayed as a layer on a map. Moreover, the natural hazard information is dynamic; site updates will occur as new or revised hazard data becomes available.

You can make maps with several layers on a road-map base or an air-photo base.  The maps are scalable from region-wide to as detailed as 1″=1,000 feet.  You can use the “Find Local Hazards” search tool to identify hazards existing within a three mile radius of a specific address. You can print the interactive maps, and supporting data can be downloaded.

The new Natural Hazard Viewer of Arizona website,, was developed by the Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) in partnership with the Arizona Division of Emergency Management (ADEM).  Give it a try.  Below two screen shots, one with the roadmap base, showing faults in the state, and another showing the flood potential near Tucson on an air photo base.