Arizona Oil and Gas well viewer now online

The Arizona Geological Survey has developed an Arizona Oil & Gas Well viewer for about 1,100 wells in Arizona. The viewer is hosted at the Arizona Oil and Gas Conservation Commission site, which piggybacks on AZGS.  The viewer is at

The viewer presents a scalable map showing location of wells within the state.  Clicking on any well brings up basic information and links to various downloadable data.  An example is shown in the graphic below.


The AZGS says it purchased Neuralog software in 2011 to digitize Arizona well logs into LAS (log ASCII Standard) format to aid analysis for CO2 sequestration potential. The digitizing effort focused on deep wells across northeastern Arizona including wells that penetrated Precambrian basement and wells in the oil and gas fields with the highest cumulative production. The AZGS developed a user-friendly web application to make the digitized well data available online to facilitate the widest possible access and use of the data. The search and download map includes more than 1100 well folders, 2500 scanned tiff images of well logs, and the newly digitized LAS data.

Steve Rauzi, Oil & Gas specialist at AZGS says, “The viewer is user friendly and makes it simple and easy to access and download oil and gas data in Arizona including well files, scanned tiff images of logs, and log ASCII standard (LAS) digital data. The oil and gas data is useful in a broad range of investigations including oil and gas, geothermal, mining, environmental, and hydrologic studies.”

I have been playing with the viewer and agree with Rauzi’s statement.

Just about two weeks ago, AZGS made available Arizona’s first online Natural Hazard Viewer.

This new viewer is part of an AZGS program to make information readily available to the public. The two new viewers complement the AZGS online document repository where hundreds of reports and maps are available.