Book Review: Physics, an Illustrated History of the Foundations of Science

Physics coverTom Jackson has put together another great book on the foundation of science.  This large-format (9″ x 11″) book contains abundant illustrations and concise, to-the-point text explaining scientific principles and how scientific thought developed through the ages.

This book on physics complements Jackson’s book on chemistry which I reviewed earlier (See The Elements an Illustrated History of the Periodic Table).

“Physics is the foundation of all science.  Without it all of our other knowledge would crumble and collapse.”  Physics covers Nature from the smallest to the largest scales.

The book is structured into 100 chapters, each just a half-page to two pages long, that begin with the very basic concepts and end at the cutting edge of modern physics. These short chapters will probably induce many readers to want to find out more on many subjects.  (See the table of contents in graphics at the end of this review.)

These book reviews  “100 breakthroughs that changed history” and simply explains famous experiments and concepts that led to discoveries. The book also contains a 12-page pullout chart in the back pocket that shows a time line of the history of discovery.  The last few pages of the book give short biographies of famous scientists.  It has a good index so the reader can quickly find subjects of interest.

This book will be valuable to students just beginning their study of science because it puts things in context.  It will also be interesting to adults who are curious about how Nature works and how scientists and philosophers discovered Nature’s ways.  The structure of this entertaining reference work allows readers to quickly focus on subjects of interest to them.

The author, Tom Jackson, is a science writer with over 80 books to his credit. He studied zoology at the University of Bristol, U.K. where he resides.

The book is published by Shelter Harbor Press, New York and can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Physics is one of the publisher’s “Ponderables” series. Other books in this series (which I have not seen) are:

An Illustrated History of Numbers. Editor: Tom Jackson

An Illustrated History of Astronomy By Tom Jackson

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The Contents of Physics:

Physics contents 1

Physics contents 2