History of the Warren Mining District, Bisbee, Arizona

The Arizona Geological Survey has just released a new report “History of the Warren (Bisbee) Mining District” located near the town of Bisbee in Southern Arizona. The author is economic geologist David Briggs. This well-illustrated,10-page report may be downloaded as a free PDF file (7.7Mb): http://repository.azgs.az.gov/sites/default/files/dlio/files/nid1648/cr-15-b_v1.0.pdf

Lavender pit

Over the life of the Warren mining district (1880-2013), 3,961,479 tons of copper, 162,128 tons of lead, 177,524 tons of zinc, 14,000 tons of manganese, 2,792,000 ounces of gold and 102,215,000 ounces of silver were recovered from the area’s mines. It was Arizona’s seventh largest copper producer, top producer of lead, second largest producer of zinc, fourth largest manganese producer, largest gold producer and second largest silver producer.

Citation: Briggs, D. F., 2015, “History of the Warren (Bisbee) Mining District, Arizona Geological Survey, Contributed Report CR-15-B.