Introducing Climate in Perspective page

On the right side of the banner to this blog, you will see “Climate in Perspective.” If you click that, it brings you to a page with a short introduction and a link to a 28-page (so far) PDF file which contains a well-illustrated essay on climate change myths and reality.

Here is an example (minus illustrations) of what you will find:

Predictions of the greenhouse hypothesis versus reality

The carbon dioxide driven greenhouse hypothesis makes several predictions about what we should see if indeed our carbon dioxide emissions are “intensifying” the greenhouse effect.

Prediction 1: With an “intensified” greenhouse effect, we should see a decrease in out-going long-wave infrared radiation into space.

Reality: According to satellite data compiled by NOAA, out-going long-wave radiation into space has not been decreasing but, in fact, slightly increasing (source).

Prediction 2: The rate of warming should increase by 200-300% with altitude in the tropics, peaking at around 10 kilometers. We should see a “hot spot” over the tropics – a characteristic “fingerprint” for greenhouse warming.

Reality: Balloon-borne radiosondes and two separate satellite systems measure the temperature of the troposphere. None of these systems detect the model-predicted warming spot in the troposphere. [Source: Douglass, D.H. et al. 2007, A comparison of tropical temperature trends with model predictions, International Journal of Climatology DOI:10.1002/joc.1651].

Prediction 3: There should be an increase in down-welling infrared radiation reflected from the stronger greenhouse gas “blanket.”

Reality: An independent study, published in the Journal of Climate, based on 800,000 observations, finds there has been a significant decrease in down-welling, long-wave infrared radiation from increasing greenhouse gases over the 14 year period 1996-2010 in the US Great Plains. CO2 levels increased about 7% over this period and according to AGW theory, down-welling long-wave infra-red radiation should have increased over this period with buildup of carbon dioxide.

Prediction 4: Carbon dioxide is supposed to start warming which will put more water vapor into the atmosphere. Water vapor is a strong greenhouse gas and should produce more warming.

Reality: Satellite measurements show global humidity is not increasing.

Take a look at the page and read the whole essay.

“It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is; it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.” – Richard Feynmann