Sycophantic stupid studies on global warming

In the run-up to the big U.N. climate conference in Paris next month where the U.N. will try to extract $100 billion per year from developed countries to mitigate “climate damage” to developing countries, we see hyped stories of global warming. The stories come mainly from bureaucrats and academics whose salaries or grants depend on global warming being dangerous.

Here is a sampling of stories:

Halloween pumpkins cause global warming according to Department of Energy.

The pumpkins end up in landfills and produce methane. Read story

Sharks’ hunting ability destroyed under climate change

Marine ecologists from the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute report long-term experiments that show warmer waters and ocean acidification will have major detrimental effects on sharks’ ability to meet their energy demands, with the effects likely to cascade through entire ecosystems. Read more. The study was conducted in a tank rather than the open ocean. The study ignores the fact that sharks have been around for about 450 million years and have experienced conditions much warmer than now and atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide 10 times the current concentration.

That’s dangerous because:

Turtle-eating sharks help slow global warming, scientist says

Sharks help to reduce global warming by eating sea turtles and other creatures that consume carbon-rich sea grasses, an Australian scientist said on Tuesday. Read more

Global warming will reduce birth rates

A new study published by the US National Bureau of Economic Research claims that every day over 80F per year dramatically reduces fertility. (see study) If that is true, why then are the highest birth rates in the tropics? (See here)

German government promotes eating for climate, not health

Germany’s Federal Ministry of Environment (BMU) produced a cookbook for climate-friendly eating. Now people should eat in a way that makes the climate healthy and weather better – forget what is really healthy for our bodies. Many experts say the two are not the same. The dietary advice now being promoted by the German BMU is a recipe for malnutrition and poorer health. Read more

Global warming is shortening the tongues of Bumble Bees

A study published in Science claims that global warming is shortening the tongues of Bumble Bees, which may impact the ability of their tongues to reach the bottom of deep tube flowers. Read more Note: Arizona bees have already solved the alleged problem, they simply drill a hole in the base of the flower to suck out the nectar.

And finally, the best-laid plans go awry:

Kangaroo farts:Scientists researching the underlying reason for the low methane content of Kangaroo farts, with a view to reducing cow flatulence, have been disappointed to discover there is nothing special about Kangaroo gut bacteria.” Read more

And the just plain stupid:

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy says, “I think if you go up to anybody in the military who’s been paying attention as well, they will tell you that one of the biggest challenges to national security is the challenge of climate change.”


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