Climate Madness 5


The climate madness continues with acts by ignorant politicians, rent-seeking scientists, and demonstrations by true believers – all demonizing our emissions of carbon dioxide. All seem oblivious to a point I made in a previous article: Carbon dioxide is necessary for life on Earth. The tragedy of this madness is that valuable resources are expended on a bogeyman rather than on something useful.

Here is the stupidest story for June:

Stunningly stupid study touts the need for plants and animals to have “climate connectivity corridors” to escape climate change

by Anthony Watts

From the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Department of the “galactically stupid” comes this new spin coupled with a new buzzword – “climate connectivity.” Authors of the study claim a need for creating “climate corridors” for plants and animals to use to flee to cooler areas.“We studied what could happen if we were to provide additional connectivity that would allow species to move across the landscape through climate corridors…” . Right. I’m sure the deer, chipmunks, salamanders, and pine trees can read signs and access these “corridors” assuming of course, whatever fool that tried to build them could secure all the land rights, permits, etc. And, as we all know, animals just don’t like warmer environments, like UHI infested cities, so we have to build corridors around them. Read more This one sounds like a reincarnation of the “Wildlands” program of several years ago. Pima County is on board with this movement, see: “Millions Spent for Oracle Road Wildlife Crossing.”

Related hype:

Climate Change Claims its First Species – or Does It?

by Kip Hansen

There are no longer any Bramble Cay melomys living on Bramble Cay. Their extirpation was almost certainly caused by environmental degradation resulting from the very nature of Bramble Cay as a “geologically temporary..[island]..of considerable instability, which may respond dramatically to fluctuations in [its] environment”, with a maximum elevation of 3 meters (~ 10 feet), made of constantly shifting sand that collects around a small rocky outcrop surrounded by a shallow reef. The area of the cay that supports vegetation, the main source of shelter and food for the melomys, has been shrinking since 1998, down to less than 10% of the 1998 area in 2014.

The main contributing factor to this degradation is the success of other species, primarily the Green Turtle and various sea birds, both of which use the island for nesting (and roosting) which resulted in increasing disturbance and destruction of the vegetation required by the melomys for survival. Read more      Some perspective: Sixty-five million years ago an asteroid smacked-down and only 10% of mammal species survived. So far in the Anthropocene Catastrophe, one type of rat has been wiped off a 300m island. JoNova

Dem Party Platform Calls For Prosecuting Global Warming Skeptics

by Michael Bastasch

Democratic operatives responsible for creating their party’s platform this year have unanimously adopted a provision calling for the Department of Justice to investigate companies who disagree with Democrats on global warming science. Read more

Famed Climate Scientist Claims Data Now ‘Unnecessary’ To Measure Global Warming

By Chris White, Daily Caller

Michael Mann (of “hockey stick” infamy), a climatologist and the director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, told the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee at a hearing June 17 that climate data is really no longer necessary since we can see “climate change” on our TV screens. Read more

Massachusetts Loses Climate Action Case Brought by Youths

by Kenneth Artz

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) failed to comply with its legal obligation to reduce the state’s greenhouse-gas emissions, according to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, which ruled in favor of four teenagers supported by Our Children’s Trust, the Conservation Law Foundation, and the Mass Energy Consumers Alliance.

The court ordered DEP to create regulations addressing multiple sources or categories of sources of greenhouse-gas emissions, and the Court mandated DEP impose a limit on released emissions and set limits that decline annually. Currently, Massachusetts is not on track to meet its 2020 greenhouse-gas-reduction goal of cutting emissions by 25 percent below 1990 levels. Read more

Climate change mitigation: Turning CO2 into rock

University of Southampton

An international team of scientists have found a potentially viable way to remove anthropogenic (caused or influenced by humans) carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere – turn it into rock. The study, published today in Science, has shown for the first time that the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) can be permanently and rapidly locked away from the atmosphere, by injecting it into volcanic bedrock. The CO2 reacts with the surrounding rock, forming environmentally benign minerals. Read more It may be possible, but it is completely unnecessary.

Seattle’s Socialist Council Member Gets Her Way, Bans Nuclear Power

by Andrew Follett, Daily Caller

Seattle City Council unanimously voted to replace the city’s nuclear power with wind and solar. The measure was sponsored by openly socialist council member Kshama Sawant, who claims the unanimous vote means the city is “taking a stand against nuclear energy.” Sawant was supported by activists from the state’s chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility and other environmental groups. These activists allege that Columbia Generating Station, the reactor Seattle gets power from, is unsafe and vulnerable to earthquakes. Read more

Feds Funded Study To Build Cities Out Of Bone To Reduce CO2 Emissions

by Andrew Follett, Daily Caller

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers funded a study by a Cambridge University professor which advocated making new cities out of animal or synthetic bone to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The study, which has been widely shared in the media, found that making buildings out of animal bones would likely produce fewer CO2 emissions than concrete or steel buildings. Conventional construction materials account for 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The Department of Defense has given Cambridge University $6.6 million in grants and financial assistance since 2008. Read more

Global warming is blamed for record number of shark attacks in America

Daily Mail

Shark attack incidents are expected to reach more than 100 this year. Experts say shark populations have been on the rise since the 1990s. Meanwhile rising temperatures mean more people are swimming in the sea. Last year saw 98 people attacked by sharks – six fatally. (Source)

UN : Global Warming To Make Stonehenge Tip Over

Daily Mail

Stonehenge could be toppled by moles if the climate change continues apace, a United Nations report claimed yesterday. The world heritage site is one of many that is under threat, with other famous sites facing oblivion including the Statue of Liberty, Venice, Easter Island and the Galapagos Islands.

The report was produced by the Union of Concerned Scientists, the UN Heritage body Unesco and the United Nations Environment Programme who warned that warmer winters in the UK are likely to boost populations of moles, rabbits and badgers. As a result of their increased burrowing, they could disturb the prehistoric monuments in Wiltshire, some of which weigh more than 40 tonnes. (Source)

Headlines that caught my eye:

Italian Composer Plays Ballad For Global Warming Atop Iceberg (story)

U.S. contest challenges video-game makers to battle climate change (story)

Leaked DNC docs show Hillary a climate change charlatan (story)

Dem. Senator Pushes ‘Climate Literacy’ Program In US Schools (story) [i.e., brainwashing]

Study: Americans Take Scientists More Seriously When They Act Like Eco-Nut Jobs (story)

Obama: Rising Seas Could Swallow Statue of Liberty (story)

Six Flags ‘to level 66 acres of trees’ to make room for solar panels (story)

“World’s First 24/7 Solar Power Plant Powers 75,000 Homes” for 3 hours per day. (story)

Oakland City Council Votes to Ban Coal, Lose 1,000 Jobs (story)


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