People for the West newsletter for January, 2018 now online

The January, 2018, issue of the People for the West newsletter is online here:

This issue begins with several articles on the often adversarial relationship between property rights, the Endangered Species Act, and conservation.

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) should be repealed because it provides no positive incentive for conservation, it tramples on property rights, it destroys industries, it is very expensive, and it is ineffective. The ESA should be replaced with a voluntary, non-regulatory, incentive-based act. Make conservation profitable. The fundamental political problem with the act is that its incentives don’t match its ethics. Conserving endangered species benefits everyone in society, but a small number of people bear the cost , usually the landowners whose property use could be restricted if a protected species turns up.

We also look at the “Core of climate change is in the real-world data” and show that carbon dioxide is definitely not a principal driver.

Finally, we look at Rights vs Benefits – What’s the difference.