People for the West newsletter for June-July 2018 now online

The June-July, 2018, issue of the People for the West newsletter is now online at:

Major topics are:

Local control for Conservation

This article highlights the The Pima Natural Resources Conservation District, a local branch of a state agency for conservation and property rights. I am one of the supervisors of Pima NRCD.

The Real State of Climate Science – A rebuttal of Climate Alarmism

This article summarizes and links to several past articles which review climate science and brings together some main points on the state of the climate debate. These articles show that the politically correct, carbon dioxide driven climate claim is wrong. These articles should provide you with ammunition to counter climate alarmism.

Abuse of the Endangered Species Act

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) was passed with good intentions, but in practice it has many problems. The ESA actually encourages private property owners to rid their properties of endangered species and their habitats because of the restrictions in beneficial use the Act imposes on property owners. The ESA is very expensive to taxpayers (regulatory costs exceed $1.2 billion per year). Besides trampling on property rights, the ESA destroys industries (remember the timber industry in the northwest?).

Forest Thinning Needed to Save Water

Dense forests suck up surface and groundwater and dump it into the atmosphere through the process of evapotranspiration. This means that there is less water for other uses.