Wildlife in my yard

I live in the foothills on the west side of Tucson, AZ, amid a forest of saguaros, prickly pear, senita, and other types of cactus, and Palo Verde trees which produce edible beans as do the mesquite trees. I put out hummingbird feeders, quail blocks, and water. All of this attracts wildlife.  I am a “back porch” birder and have so far observed more than 70 species of birds. The photos below show some of the wildlife in my yard. Since these days, you may have time, why not explore nature in your yard?

The Blue Palo Verde trees start to turn the desert golden during mid-April and are followed by blooming of Foothills and Mexican Palo Verde trees.

Sometimes javalinas pass through the scene above:

Javalina porn:

Bobcats occasionally visit (they especially like my neighbor’s chicken coop):

Cooper’s hawks patrol the back wall:


American Kestrels stop by for lunch:

Baby squirrels play on the wall but must keep watch for hawks:

Tarantulas lounge by the pool (I’ve found this one swimming):

A Roadrunner laughs about it:

A Phainopepla peeps into the bedroom window. He also makes a mess by pooping out mistletoe seeds:

A Gila woodpecker keeps watch from the ocotillo plant (the flowers of which make a nice salad garnish):

Gambels Quails visit the bird block:


Mourning doves like to nest on the back porch window sills:


A female spiny lizard likes my rocks:

And there are hummingbirds:




Sometimes there is an unwanted visitor who is encouraged to move on:

What can you find in your yard?


  1. Good foto album! Our javelina seem to be more conservative up here. 🙂
    It would be cool to get madrone growing here, again. They attract the trogon and other birds. Stay in good health–get out and walk in the wilds 🙂

    1. I moved away in the 80s looking for work. I told people, I want to go home. for decades I said that I’d rather die ion Arizona than live anywhere else. People laughed at me, but few years ago, I managed to come home. I had a great opportunity to teach English in Vietnam, was doing the paperwork, when the opportunity came. Arizona is more important. walk in beauty

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