To Save Education, Legislators MUST Fund Home Schools

This post by my friend Barney Brenner suggests a solution to our education system. As Barney opines: “The Left is openly flaunting their grip on our kids and has changed education’s three Rs into racism, reparations and revolution.” Below are the first three paragraphs of the article followed by a link the the whole article.

There’s a window of opportunity and realization which is closing on America’s parents and their school-aged kids. For well over a year, families have had video glimpses of the drivel and anti-American evil being foisted in America’s government-run classrooms. They’ve also gotten a feel for what it takes to educate their children at home. But unless they make their move this summer to exercise their authority in deciding where, what and how their kids are taught, this unprecedented chance will likely be lost. 

Despite many parents not believing that they can educate their own kids, those naysayers are not appreciating the fact that all parents are teachers by definition and necessity. Additionally, Proverbs tells us to train our children in the way they should go, and Deuteronomy says we should diligently teach our children. And that wasn’t just the simple ABCs, but the laws of Moses! 

In truth, the biggest problem for most is money, both in the associated costs as well as the possible lost employment involved in staying home. But there’s a simple solution which can mitigate both drawbacks: state funding. There’s no good reason why parents, or even neighborhoods or other organizations, should not be paid well for taking over the government school mission.

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  1. Fact, definitely. We’ve fallen so far it’s nauseating. At one time, if a child couldn’t afford a Bible, the federal government paid for one. The Bible was used as an ancient history text, English lessons, spelling, and so on. The KKK wiped that out with Justice Black. There are those who hate homeschooling simply because they do not own the children for 8 hours a day.

    For those who do not understand the hate we, American Indians, have for the Indian Schools, understand they were a forerunner of experimentation, how much the government could get away with, and the eventual destruction of this nation. Today, government schools are causing suicides, drugs, racism, and destruction of the family. Nietzsche was correct, when people discover they can lead a life of pleasure, the family will cease to exist. That’s all government schools are.

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