Illegal Border Crossers Smuggle Drugs on Chilton Ranch Arizona

This short note is from Jim Chilton, a southern Arizona rancher. His ranch is just south of Arivaca, in Pima County Arizona and his southern boundary is the Mexican border. Mr. Chilton has hidden cameras monitoring the trails on his ranch.

You may be interested in the following recent showing undocumented border crossers traveling through our ranch between February 19 and June 6:

The camouflaged persons appear to cross around the east end of the new wall on our ranch (new wall construction was terminated everywhere including on our ranch January 20, 2021). One expert estimates that about 85% of these crossers pack drugs from Mexico into the United States.

Note that there appear to be no children or females on the trail or the road where our two hidden cameras are located. Furthermore, most of the backpacks appear to be the same and the men in single file are virtually all wearing identical camouflage clothing.

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