Recent Heatwaves are Weather – Not Climate Change

Weather in June, 2021, contained some record high temperatures in the western U.S. The alarmist media claims that these heatwaves must be due to global warming.


Many media reports show heat wave data beginning in 1960 and how it has been increasing since then. They ignore stronger heatwaves that occurred in the 1930s.

Record high temperatures occurred in the Pacific northwest. Meteorologist Chris Mass (professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington) predicted as few days before the event why this would happen:

A unique combination of factors will come together to make the unthinkable possible. Forget the “heat dome” explanations found in the Seattle Times and some media outlets, or those saying that the extreme heat can only be explained by global warming.

I will call the phenomenon a downslope heat surge on the western slopes of the Cascades.

A relative of the extreme heat associated with Santa Ana winds in southern California, but with a twist.

To get this amazing event, a series of ingredients had to occur at the same time and same place.

Ingredient One: An unusually strong area of high pressure aloft over our region (known as an upper-level ridge), associated with sinking air and unusually warm temperatures.

At the surface, this feature is associated with high pressure to the east of the Cascade crest, which tends to produce weak offshore (easterly) flow. Such easterly flow keeps the cooling influence of the Pacific Ocean away.

Why did we get this high amplitude ridge? It is associated with a highly amplified wave pattern in the eastern Pacific, which may have been caused by a tropical system interacting with the jet stream. This is the result of natural variability.

Ingredient Two: An Approaching Trough of Low Pressure That Creates Strong Easterly/Downslope Flow over the Western Slopes of the Cascades

The key to this situation is that there will be high pressure inland and an approaching area of low pressure (called a trough) that will approach our coast. Between these two features, a zone of very large pressure difference will be created, which will be associated with strong southeasterly flow.

Surface temperatures will get above 112F over and near the western slopes of the Cascades. Large portions of western Oregon and Washington away from the water will be above 104F. (Read full post)

Much of the Western U.S. is experiencing drought conditions. In Arizona, the usual summer rains went missing last year. It is predicted that the summer monsoon season will be closer to normal this year. Again, droughts are part of normal variation and have occurred in the past.


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