Methane- The Irrelevant Greenhouse Gas

Biden Unveils Costly Oil And Gas Rules To Cut Methane Emissions At COP26

by Jeff Mordock, Washington Times

The Biden administration presented sweeping regulations targeting the oil and gas industry in an effort to cut back on the emission of methane. (Read more 

Biden claimed that methane “amounts to half of the global warming we’re experiencing today.”
 Both Biden and the author of the story above ignore some facts. Most atmospheric methane come from rice cultivation, termites, and cattle. Rice growing produces methane gas by feeding microbes that live under the rice paddies. Termites and cattle produce methane during their digestive process.

About the hypothetical greenhouse effect:

Solar radiation, mostly short-wave radiation, passes through the atmosphere and warms the surface. In turn, the heated surface re-radiates energy as long-wave infrared radiation back to the atmosphere and eventually, back to space.

Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere intercept some of the long-wave infrared radiation and transfer some of the energy to excite (warm) other molecules in the atmosphere, some of the radiation goes back to the surface, and some of the radiation is radiated into space.

The major greenhouse gas is water vapor which absorbs almost all wavelengths of infrared radiation. Carbon dioxide absorbs four specific wavelengths of infrared radiation, three of which are also absorbed by water vapor. Other minor greenhouse gases are oxygen and ozone, methane, and nitrous oxide.

Once a particular wavelength becomes saturated, i.e., almost completely absorbed, additional quantities of greenhouse gases have no effect.

According to an article by Dr. Tom Sheahen:

Methane is only 0.00017% (1.7 parts per million) of the atmosphere. Moreover, both of its absorption bands occur at wavelengths where water vapor is already absorbing almost all of the radiation. Hence, any radiation that methane might have absorbed has already been absorbed by water vapor. The ratio of the percentages of water to methane is such that the effects of methane are completely masked by water vapor. (Source)


Methane is just another global warming boogeyman because it has almost no effect on global warming.


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  1. In 1801, America had 65 million to 100 million bovines and no methane problem. In 2021, we now have 34 million bovines but also millions of vegans and vegetarians, and a menthane problem.

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