Economic Impact of Arizona Mining 2021

From the Arizona Mining Association and the Arizona Rock Products Association:

Arizona ranked first among all states for non-fuel mineral resource production in 2021, with output valued at $10 billion. Arizona production in order of value includes copper, sand and gravel, molybdenum, cement, and crushed stone making up the top 5.

Arizona’s direct mining output was $8.0 billion, with mining industry employment of 13,645 and payrolls of $1.5 billion. Arizona copper accounts for 74 percent of U.S. production.

The rock products industry direct output was $2.9 billion, with employment of 8,116 and payrolls of $570 million. Each rock products worker supports 21 Arizona construction jobs.

Including all indirect and induced (secondary) effects, the total economic impact of Arizona’s combined mining and rock products activity was output of $20.0 billion, creating 74,740 total Arizona jobs in the general economy and income of $5.3 billion.

Total state and local Arizona tax revenues associated with mining and rock products activity summed to $772.2 million. Federal taxes due to mining in Arizona were $967.0 million.

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