About the Author

WryHeat is written by Jonathan DuHamel


I am a retired economic geologist and have worked  as an explorationist in search of economic mineral deposits, mainly copper, molybdenum, and gold.  My exploration activities have been mainly in the Western U.S. including Alaska.  I have also worked in Mexico, South Africa, Ireland, and Scotland.

Exploration geologists are trained not only in the geologic sciences, but also in chemistry, physics, botany, and geostatistics.

After graduating from  The Colorado School of Mines with a Geologic Engineering degree and Master of Science degree, and before practicing as a geologist, I served as an officer in the Army Chemical Corps assigned to a unit that tested experimental weapons and  equipment.

I was a docent at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum for 21 years and received training in the natural history of the Sonoran Desert. As part of my duties as a docent, I handled and interpreted the natural history of hawks, falcons, owls, snakes, and tarantulas.

I currently reside in Tucson, AZ.

Contact: wryheat (at) cox.net