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This index links to all my articles published in the Arizona Daily Independent.

Major headings are: Book Reviews, Natural history of Sonoran Desert, geology, EPA, climate, general science, politics, energy, and miscellaneous

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“Global Warming Skepticism for Busy People” by Dr. Roy Spencer

Chilton Vs The Center For Biological Diversity by J.P.S. Brown – Book Review

America’s Culture, Its Origins & Enemies by John Harmon McElroy

Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming by Craig D. Idso, Robert M. Carter, and S. Fred Singer

Sagebrush Rebel by William Perry Pendley

On Gaia, A Critical Investigation of the Relationship between Life and Earth by Toby Tyrrell

Doubt and Certainty in Climate Science by Alan Longhurst

Just the Fracks Ma’am Myths about hydrofracking by Greg Kozera


The Past, Present, and Future State of Tucson’s Creeks and Rivers

Are Mexican wolves in Arizona actually wolf-dog hybrids?

Some not so natural critters of Arizona

The Desert in Winter, what to look for

Thirteen venomous animals of the Southwestern desert.


American Kestrel

Barn Owls

Black-bellied whistling ducks

Burrowing Owls

Cactus Wrens – Arizona’s very noisy state bird

Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy Owl

Common Ground Dove

Cardinals, Pyrrhuloxias and a cameo appearance by Phainopepla

Crested Caracara

Curve-billed Thrasher – a bold and inquisitive bird

Elf Owls

Gambels Quail

Gila Woodpecker


Great Horned Owl

Great Blue Herons in the desert

Great-tailed Grackle

Greater Roadrunner

Harris’ Hawks

Hooded Orioles

Mourning Doves

Nighthawks and Poorwills, birds of the night

Observations on Hummingbirds

Peregrine Falcons


Ravens and Crows

Red Tailed Hawk

Steller’s Jay – noisy and bold

The Three Accipiters  Cooper’s hawk, northern gosshawk  sharpshined hawk

Thick-billed Parrots in Arizona


Vultures, the clean up crew

Western Screech Owl

Western Tanager – a flaming red-head

White-winged Doves


Arizona Coral Snakes


Coachwhip – a colorful snake

Desert Tortoise

Desert Box Turtles

Gila Monster

Gopher Snakes

Horned Lizard’s clever defenses


Lyre snake

Metachromatic Spiny Lizards

Mexican vine snakes – just mildly venemous


Rattlesnakes combat dance

Spinytail Iguana


American Beaver in Arizona

Black Bear


Creatures of the night – Cactus mouse

Creatures of the night – Ringtails

Creatures of the Night: The Bats

Bats of Western Abandoned Mines

Creatures of the night – Pocket Mice

Deer of the Desert

Desert Bighorn Sheep

Desert Museum gets new black bear

Desert Cottontails

Desert Squirrels

Ferocious Grasshopper mouse

Ice Age Mammals of the San Pedro River Valley, Southeastern Arizona

Kangaroo rat

Kit Fox – another creature of the night

Mountain lion dietary supplementation plan

New Bighorn sheep lamb born at Desert Museum

New mountain lion takes over at the Desert Museum

Notes on Javelinas

Notes on Coatis

Opossums in Arizona

Pack Rats are Desert Archaeologists


Remember the Glyptodonts

River Otters in Arizona

Skunks of Arizona

Urban Coyote

Wolf attacks on humans in North America

Genetics of Mexican wolves: assessment of possible hybridization with other canids


Arizona brown spider

Black Widow Spiders

Carpenter Bees – black and gold and smelling like roses

Don’t Touch Buckmoth Caterpillars

Desert Bees

Dragonflies and Damselflies

Giant Mesquite Bugs

Green lynx spider

It’s time for scorpions

Mist of the Sharpshooters

Palo verde root borers are emerging

Pepsis wasps have the most painful sting

Praying Mantis

Sphinx Moths

The Cochineal, a little bug with a valuable product

The Gentle Desert Tarantula

The life of Walkingstick insects

The Sex Life of Bruchid Beetles

Venomous Centipedes and Cyanide-Oozing Millipedes

VinegaroonThe life of Walkingstick insectss and Sun Spiders

Western Honey Bees

Western Spotted Orbweaver spider


Got Toads? Here Is What You Might Want To Know

Creature of the Night – Spadefoots

Sonoran Desert Toad


What goes on inside cacti “guts”

A Boojum, definitely a boojum

Agaves provide food, fiber and adult beverages

Arizona Christmas Cactus

Arizona’s Wild Cotton

Beargrass and basketry

Brittlebush and chewing gum

Cactus water will make you sick

Chain-fruit and teddy bear cholla cactus

Chiltepin peppers, spice and medicine

Chocolate Flower

Chuparosa – the Hummingbird Bush

Creepy Creeping Devil Cactus

Creosote Bush

Desert Broom – another medicinal plant

Desert Mistletoe

Desert Ironwood

Desert Spoon (Sotol)

Desert Tobacco, a Pretty but Poisonous Desert Plant

Desert Willows provide emergency food and medicine

Devil’s Claw provides food, fiber and medicine

Devil’s Trumpet, another pretty but poisonous plant

Golden Fleece

Globe Chamomile, an invasive species in Arizona

Guayacán a pretty flowering tree

Guayule, a desert rubber plant

Invasion of the Popcorn Flowers

Joshua Trees of the Mohave Desert

Life on a Dead Saguaro


London Rocket

Matilija poppy (fried egg plant)

Medusa’s Head a strange and useful plant

Mesquite trees provide food, fuel, medicine, and more

War on the Range – Ranchers versus Mesquite

Mexican Cardon cactus – the largest in the world

Mormon Tea – a widely used medicinal plant

Night-blooming Cereus cactus

Oak trees of the Sonoran Desert region

Ocotillo – an aide to hummingbirds and geologists

Palo brea trees and their uses

Palo Verde trees about to turn the desert golden

Panicled Aster aka Day of the Dead Flower

Passion Flower

Prickly Pear cacti – many varieties, many uses

Recovery of the Pima Pineapple Cactus

Sacred Datura – pretty, poisonous, and hallucinogenic

Saguaro Cactus Icon of the Sonoran Desert

Saguaros and the Drought

Senita and Totem Pole Cacti

Sida abutifolia and Euphorbia capitellata – two new flowering plants

Spectacular flowers of the red Torch Cactus

Staghorn and Buckhorn Cholla Cactus

Stinging spurge – mala mujer

The Jojoba bush and its valuable oil

Tufted evening primrose – a winter bloomer

Velvetpod mimosa

Western soapberry trees

Yuccas provide food, fiber, and soap


Gila Topminnow rediscovered in Santa Cruz River north of Tucson

Stingrays in the desert

Explore Nature in Your Yard


A Brief Geologic History of Arizona Chapter 1 Precambrian

A Brief Geologic History of Arizona Chapter 2 Cambrian and Ordovician time

A Brief Geologic History of Arizona Chapter 3 Silurian to Permian

Arizona Geological History Chapter 4: Triassic Period

A brief geologic history of Arizona Chapter 5: Jurassic Time

A brief geologic history of Arizona Chapter 6: Cretaceous Time

A brief geologic history of Arizona Chapter 7, the Cenozoic Era

Island Mountains of Southeastern Arizona: Geology, Vegetation & Wildlife

A Guide to the geology of Sabino Canyon and the Catalina Highway

Paper Review: ‘Helvetia-Rosemont: Arizona’s Hardscrabble Mining Camp’ by David Briggs

Arizona’s Monsoon Season Drives Earth Fissure Activity

A Guide to the Geology of the Santa Catalina Mountains

A guide to geologic feature of Petrified Forest National Park

 A Guide to the Geology of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve

A Guide toCatalina State Park – Geology for the layman

A Guide to the Geology of the Flagstaff Area

A Guide to the Geology of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve

Guide to geology of Picacho mountains and Picacho peak

A Geoheritage Tour of Southeastern Arizona

American Geosciences Institute’s Critical Issues program

Anatomy of the March 23 landslide in Washington

Arctic methane scare – cancelled

Arizona Geological Survey to inventory landslides in Arizona

Economic Impact of Arizona Mining 2021

American Mineral Production for 2017

American Mineral Production for 2016

Arizona was #1 mineral producer in 2014

Arizona zeolite minerals, ancient camels etc

A piece of fossilized lightning

A Short History of Mining Law

Beneath the Tucson Valley

Breccia pipes of northwestern Arizona and their economic significance

Caliche natural concrete

Coal – A Possible New Source of Rare Earth Elements

Desert Varnish and its life forms

Explosive geology of the Chiricahua mountains

Rocks in the Chiricahua National Monument and Fort Bowie National Historic Site

Geologic hazards in Arizona – Radon

Geologic History: PETM when it really got hot

Geology is responsible for some phenomena blamed on global warming

Geologic Setting of Icelandic Volcanoes

Catalina State Park – Geology for the layman

Geology of Kitty Litter

Geology of Petrified Forest National Park

A Guide to the Geology of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve

Governor proposes transferring Arizona Geological Survey to University of Arizona – Bad Idea

How caves form

How uncorrected Forest Service errors and bureaucracy are blocking a marble mine in Southern Arizona

Houston’s long history of flooding

Ice Ages and Glacial Epochs

Interactive geologic map of Arizona

Manganese may be mined in Arizona

New Zinc-lead-silver mineral deposit discovered in SE Arizona

Mining stimulates Arizona economy

Mining lithium for batteries is no greener than mining copper

Miss Pickle was no lady

More perspective on Antarctica ice loss

Mystery of sliding rocks on Racetrack Playa

Old mines of the Tucson Mountains

Origin of the Grand Canyon and Lower Colorado River

Pirate fault of Canada del Oro

Proper remediation of acid mine drainage

Reversal of Earth’s magnetic poles, another scary scenario

Rock Salt Deposits of Arizona

Saginaw Hill

Scientific misconduct at USGS lab affects Arizona

Sedona’s Sinkholes

Some Surprises about the Copper Deposits near Green Valley

Sunset Crater – Arizona’s youngest volcano

Take a geology and logic test – Read the Rock

The dual nature of Hawaiian volcanoes

The I-10 copper deposit

The New Madrid, Missouri Earthquakes, 1811-1812

The “Unstoppable Collapse” of the West Antarctic ice sheet

The old Jacobs tungsten mill in Tucson

The Siberian Crater – a Pingo is what done it

The Great Arizona-Sonora Earthquake of 1887

The Gold of Cañada del Oro

The Pontatoc mine lost in a north Tucson neighborhood

The Basin & Range Province of North America

Tucson Mountains geology – complex and controversial

Uranium mining ban near Grand Canyon all politics, no science

Volcanic rocks of “A” Mountain and Tumamoc Hill

Volcanic Threat Assessment in the U.S.

When is a mine mined out?

Where the Next Big American Earthquake and Tsunami Might Occur

West Antarctica ice-sheet calving due to geology

Yellowstone Supervolcano

Young Volcanic Fields of Arizona


EPA says Glyphosate is not harmful to humans

EPA claims on dangers of particulate matter are false

U of A says Gold King Mine release will have no effect on lower Colorado River

Did the EPA cause the Colorado mine spill on purpose?

Dump the EPA endangerment finding

Economic consequences of EPA power plant regulations

Electric cars are neither green nor practical

EPA targets wrong cause of haze in Grand Canyon

EPA emission standards for trucks: heavy cost, no benefit

EPA says fracking does not harm drinking water supply

EPA conducted illegal and potentially lethal experiments on children

EPA targets wrong cause of haze in Grand Canyon

EPA’s own human experiments debunk health claims

EPA’s Clean Power Plan would disproportionally hurt the poor

Global warming may be an unintended consequence of the EPA rule on sulfur

Impact of new EPA ozone rule

Replace the Environmental Protection Agency

EPA’s Clean Power Plan would disproportionally hurt the poor

Global warming may be an unintended consequence of the EPA rule on sulfur

Impact of new EPA ozone rule

Ozone, Asthma and EPA Junk Science

The Star’s annual ozone scare

Replace the Environmental Protection Agency


A review of the state of climate science

There is no climate crisis

Consequences of the climate scam

Climate at a glance for teachers and students

2016-2022 Warmest 8 years?

Quadrupling Carbon Dioxide Would Cause Only 1.0°C Warming According to New Study

Climate models for the layman

A Citizens Guide to Climate Change

Why Carbon Dioxide Is Necessary for Life on Planet Earth

Climate and energy reports in August show that nature is not cooperating with propaganda

Climate And Energy Reports Show Nature Is Not Cooperating With Propaganda Part 2

Global Warming and Rising Carbon Dioxide is a Boon for Plant Life

Climate at a Glance 

Methane- The Irrelevant Greenhouse Gas

Why reducing carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuel will have no effect on climate

Why reducing carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuel will have no effect on climate, Part 2

What Global Surface Temperature is Ideal for Human Habitation?

Comments on the new IPCC climate report, April, 2022

IPCC still pedaling junk science with AR6

Recent Heatwaves are Weather – Not Climate Change

Two news studies say Antarctica gaining ice and snow

Effects of global warming on humans

Researchers want to deploy 100 million ice making machines to Arctic

“Risky Business” debunked

The “Green New Deal” Will Send US Back to the Dark Ages

The Dangerous Ignorance of the Green New Deal

2014 was the third or sixth or 8000th warmest year

2014 the warmest? NASA now says never mind

A New Look at the Physics of Earth’s Atmosphere

A Review of Environmental and Climate Predictions

A Very Brief History of Climate Change in the Sonoran Desert

A ship of fools in Antarctica

American Tradition Institute sues University of Arizona

Analysis of the National Climate Assessment Report

Fourth National Climate Assessment, Part 2 – no science, just scaremongering

Another climate model failure – there were no extremes in drought or rainfall in the 20th century

Comments on the alleged megadrought

Arizona Daily Star alarmed that Arizona summers are hot

Blowing dust and dust storms in Arizona

California drought caused by nature and politics

Carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect

The Broken Greenhouse – why CO2 is a minor player in global climate

New study shows that carbon dioxide is responsible for only seven percent of the greenhouse effect

No Reduction of Atmospheric CO2 Due to Economic Slowdown

Carbon dioxide is necessary for life on Earth

Carbon dioxide and ten thousand dots

Celebrate Earth Day by tripling your carbon footprint

Claim: Arctic getting darker, making Earth warmer

Climate change in perspective

Climate science, perpetual motion and squirrels

We Can’t Stop Climate Change

Comments on the Pope’s Encyclical

Could One Trillion More Trees Stop Global Warming?

Covering up consensus on global cooling

Drought and predictions of doom for the Southwest

Economists say it is okay to lie about climate change

El nino to el nino

El Nino – La Nina, how natural cycles control temperature

Estimates of global warming reduction by reducing CO2 emissions

Evidence that CO2 emissions do not intensify the greenhouse effect

An examination of the relationship between temperature and carbon dioxide

Failure of climate models shows that carbon dioxide does not drive global temperature

Geology is responsible for some phenomena blamed on global warming

“Climategate” comes back to bite the University of Arizona

Global warming – the madness of our age

Climate Madness 2

Climate Madness 3

Climate Madness 4

Climate Madness 5

Climate Madness 6

Climate Madness 7

Climate Madness 8

Climate Madness 9

Climate madness 10

Climate Craziness, Politics, and Hypocrisy

Climate Madness 12, California is craziest

Climate Madness 13 – Climate Emergency Scam

Climate Madness 14 – Prof Mickey Mouse declares climate emergency

Climate Madness 15 – crazy research and ignorant politicians

Comments on Tucson climate action plan

There is no climate emergency (letter to AZ Star)

A Simple Question for Climate Alarmists

Claim: Global warming is increasing the intensity of the North American Monsoon

Fourth National Climate Assessment is junk science

Global warming and the Polar Vortex

Global Warming “Lost Pause” Update

Global warming may be an unintended consequence of the EPA rule on sulfur

Global Warming Still Hiding

Government climate science versus reality

Greenland surprises

Another Greenland melting scare

Gulf Stream Slowing – just another unfounded climate scare

Holes in the Ozone Hole Hypothesis

Ice core bubbles and carbon dioxide – the Gospel according to AGW

Impact of Paris climate accord and why Trump was right to dump it

Implications of projected climate change for groundwater recharge

IPCC scary stories and a dose of reality

Main temperature database used by IPCC found to contain multiple errors

March 2017 – hottest ever in Tucson?

Media hype about forest fires and global warming

Megadroughts and the Arizona Daily Star

Montini versus Ducey on climate change

National Climate Data Center adjusts data to erase warming pause

New paper on Earth’s albedo has some surprises

NOAA caught in temperature data manipulation – again

NOAA trouble with 2015 being hottest year

New NOAA data show cooling trend for last 10 years

NOAA data show an 18-year cooling trend in US

NOAA can’t find link between global warming and extreme weather

NOAA caught committing fraud in Congressional testimony about ocean acidification

Nitrogen in rocks identified as major plant fertilizer not considered by climate models

Obama’s Climate Action Plan is Clueless and Dangerous

Picacho Peak weather station – how not to measure temperature

Plastic bags and global warming

Polar Bear Population on the Rise Again

Political correctness and your carbon footprint

Predictions of an ice-free Arctic Ocean

Recent Tornadoes Are The Result of Cold Air Not Global Warming

Satellite data show that CO2 has almost no effect on global warming

Scientists claim to have directly measured carbon dioxide warming the Earth

Shrinking goats get researcher’s goat

Sierra Nevada snowpack – the larger picture

Solar cycle changes indicate a cooling period ahead

Some basic facts on carbon dioxide and climate

Some stupid studies on global warming

Study shows that greenhouse gas induced warming decreased in last 14 years

Study shows current warming not unprecedented

Surprising results from NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory

Temperature trends published by NOAA 50% too high

The Bankruptcy of Climate Science

The fake two degree political limit on global warming

The Hothouse Horror (Ho Hum)

The Stadium Wave Hypothesis

The Gore Effect

The Walrus and the Warmists

The Eocene climatic optimum

The Myth of Ocean Acidification by Carbon Dioxide

The 97 percent consensus of human caused climate change debunked again

The ocean ate my global warming – part 1

The ocean ate my global warming – part 2

The past is getting cooler

The Sea Level Scam

Tuvalu and other Pacific islands resist sea level rise and add land area

Tucson’s March for Science – a plea for continued climate funding

UN IPCC Synthesis Report is a pack of lies

University of Arizona predicts that climate will change, proposes plan

University of Arizona Researchers Use Citizen Poll To Justify Climate Policy

University of Arizona produces another global warming food scare

Just another climate extinction prediction scare from the UofA

Violence and temperature

Water vapor and the climate, why carbon dioxide is a very minor player

Wacky Geoengineering Schemes to Control Climate

Winter Weather forecast – NOAA vs Old Farmer’s Almanac  2017-2018

Winter Weather Predictions from NOAA and Farmers Almanac 2018-2019

The Oman geoengineering scheme to save the planet

Welcome to a new geologic era – the Idiocene

What keeps Earth warm – the greenhouse effect or something else?

Who is afraid of two degrees of warming?

White roofs, global warming, and unintended consequences

Why scientists disagree about global warming – book review

Why Hurricanes Can’t Be Blamed On Global Warming

Hurricane strength and frequency just part of natural variation

Hurricane Florence and Fake News

Wildfires and Warming – It’s complicated

Wildfires Not Related to Global Warming

Will global warming weaken the North American Monsoon?

Claim: “Worsening Wildfires Linked to Temp Rise”


An example of misleading headlines in medical research

Ancient potion kills superbug MRSA infections

Arizona Monsoon

Be wary of statistical traps

Cold Case: What Killed the Mammoths?

Data presentation in Santa Catalina Mountains plant study misleading

Desalination of Sea Water Can Augment Our Water Supply Without Harming Sea Life

Don’t leave children or pets in a parked car

Forest thinning may increase runoff and supplement our water supply

Forest thinning needed to save water

Genetically modified food, nothing to fear

GMO modified rice eliminates methane emissions and increases nutrition

Habitat niche modeling, predictions of extinction, and a dose of reality

How Radiocarbon Dating Works

Hype about Mercury in the oceans

Jaguars and junk science

Jaguars and more junk science

On Gaia, A Critical Investigation of the Relationship between Life and Earth

On Consensus in Science

Science in Trouble

The Pristine Myth

The Origin of Vaccine Fears

Thought to be extinct

USGS claims that mercury and selenium are accumulating in the Colorado River

What the Arizona Daily Star left out of the Condor-DDT story

Why We Depend on China for Most of Our Medicines

Zika virus and 100 things you should know about DDT


Unprotected border at the Chilton ranch is a much-used route for drug smuggling

Civil Asset Forfeiture

Statehood for Washington, D.C. is probably Unconstitutional

“King Coal” is not dead yet

An Arizona Rancher’s Request of President Biden

President Biden’s Policies Don’t Follow the Science

Comments on Tucson City Council’s plan on recycling glass

Tucson’s Glass Disposal Plan Draws Ire of Glass Recyclers

Tucson City Council and the “Climate Emergency”

Biden’s Dangerous Ignorance of Energy and Climate

An Epidemic of Lunacy

My Country by Lonni Lees

Treaty with Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters

How Greenpeace games the system

Did Trump Win the Democrat Candidate Debate

Comments on the new Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area

Why We Need the Electoral College System

A Petition from Southern Arizona Ranchers

2014 or 1984?

Multi-shot Assault weapons of the 1700s and the 2nd Amendment

Bloomberg versus the Second Amendment is not a zero sum game

Climate and Communism

Could storm water runoff be used to recharge our aquifers?

County economic plan lacks necessary maps

Don’t recycle plastic – burn it or bury it

Examining The Effect Of The Border Wall On Private And Tribal Landowners

Eminent Domain versus Private Property Rights

It’s time to dump the EPA “endangerment finding” which classified carbon dioxide as a pollutant

Endangered species listings based on questionable science and lack of independent review

Endangered Species Act administration changes bode ill for property rights

Environmental Sophistry

Some Notes on Property Rights and the Environment

Enviros are watermelons

ESA could halt American energy boom

Export-Import Bank represents crony capitalism

Federal land grabs hurt economy and trample property rights

Free the Land from the Feds

Free Speech and Tender Feelings

Guns are not the problem

Political Correctness and Free Speech

Happy birthday soon America, but we still have some complaints

Has the Fourth Amendment been repealed?

How is the Tucson Water Conservation Fund Money Spent?

How NEPA crushes productivity

A Short History of Mining Law

IRS versus the Tea Party

Jury Duty and Jury Nullification

Last American lead smelter closing

Mining royalties, another bad, job-killing idea from Raul Grijalva

Grijalva’s Proposed Change to Mining Law Would Be Disastrous for America

Obamacare sticker shock

Observations on Tucson’s $33 million budget deficit

Our Unsecured Border

Permitting, Economic Value, and Mining in the United States

Pima County still trying to scuttle Rosemont mine

Pima County bond election – Vote NO on proposition 430

Pima County spins its politically correct environmental programs

Plymouth colony tries and rejects collectivism

Private Property Rights vs Environmental Feudalism

Pygmy owls and property rights

Raul Grijalva on witch hunt for climate skeptics

Reclaiming Americanism and the Constitution

Replace the Environmental Protection Agency

Rosemont and some troublesome cats

Rosemont and the Cuckoo scam

Sagebrush Rebel by William Perry Pendley

Should we amend the Constitution to balance the federal budget?

Some thoughts on the philosophy of religion and civil society

Trouble with squirrels in Los Angeles – a feminist, posthumanist view

Sustainability indoctrination invades our colleges

The Flaws in the Endangered Species Act

Abuse of the Endangered Species Act

The Contract with America

The Real State of the Union – 2014

The Collectivist Mind

The dark side of Common Core Standards for education

The great budget end game ploy

Top UN official admits climate change is about transforming world economy

Unconstitutional federal spending

Vote NO on Arizona proposition 127 the renewable energy mandate

Why You Should Vote NO on Arizona Proposition 127, the renewable energy mandate (Update

Let’s Finish the Job and Repeal Arizona’s Renewable Energy Mandate

Water and Irrigated Agriculture in Arizona

VA too busy being green to care for veterans

Whatever happened to Pima County’s Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan?

Your taxpayer dollars at work and play


The Nonsense of “Net Zero”

Tucson Electric Power Should Dump Wind and Solar Generation of Electricity – Go Nuclear

The Biden Administration Has Swallowed the “Climate Kool-Aid”

California Electricity Blackouts – A Result of Political Correctness

Tucson Electric goes politically correct

Electric Vehicles Need Fossil Fuels

Problems with wind and solar generation of electricity – a review

The Enormous Costs of Wind and Solar Electricity Generation

The Tale of a Texas Town on 100% Renewable Energy

The “Green New Deal” Will Send US Back to the Dark Ages

A New Type of Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor

American Energy Renaissance Act

Avian mortality from solar farms

British study shows wind power generates only 2 percent of rated capacity

Can we afford electricity from wind and solar generation?

Cryogenic fracturing of shale to recover oil and gas

Economic consequences of EPA power plant regulations

Electric cars are neither green nor practical

EPA says fracking does not harm drinking water supply

EPA targets wrong cause of haze in Grand Canyon

Ethanol mandate fails economically and environmentally

Federal energy hypocrisy

Five reasons Arizona should repeal its renewable energy standards mandate

German wind power fails

Highly Touted Green building is an energy hog

IER documents Obama administration actions that increase energy costs

Impact of new EPA ozone rule

Impact of Solar and Wind Electricity Generation

Is a proposed Tucson Metropolitan microgrid of solar energy feasible and cost effective?

Ivanpah solar plant wants to burn more natural gas

Ivanpah solar seeks government grant to pay off government loan

Just the Fracks book review Myths about hydrofracking

Obama Crony Capitalism and Green Tech Failures

Pima County Solar Project with Solon raises some questions

Pima County’s Solar Power Math

Prairie Chickens versus Wind Turbines

Renewable energy causes electricity cost to skyrocket

Renewable energy mandates and politics versus science

Russian collusion with environmentalists to disrupt American energy production Luis to get $1.5 billion wind/power generator

San Luis solar downdraft tower – Updates and Corrections

Sierrita natural gas pipeline controversy in Altar Valley

The effect of wind turbines on human health

The Price of Obama’s New Carbon Dioxide Emission Rules

The Clean Coal Scam

The green dream in Europe turns black as renewable energy fails

The “Social Cost of Carbon” Scam

Top Google Engineers Say Renewable Energy ‘Simply won’t work’

UN admits that growing crops to produce biofuel is bad for environment

Wind turbine farm proposed for Willcox area


Did China commit an act of war?

Scrabbling at home

A Hidden Tucson Treasure – WomanKraft Art Center

Steel wool keeps mice out of the garage

Stories of Murder and Mayhem

Clean Tarnished Silver and Copper the Easy Way

Content bias at the Arizona Daily Star

Federal dietary recommendations may increase greenhouse gas emissions

Is TUSD a victim of victimhood?

Recycling a Dead TV

Save the Dragons

Scam alert – fake Walgreens call

Sell more State Trust Land to help fund schools

State Educational Trends

The Michigan Left at Grant and Oracle

Will the Tucson modern streetcar be a money pit?

Tucson’s Trendy Electric Scooters Won’t Reduce CO2 Emissions

Murder they wrote

The Corpse in the Cactus