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Arizona Geologic History: Chapter 1, Precambrian Time When Arizona was at the South Pole

Arizona Geological History: Chapter 2, Cambrian and Ordovician Time

Arizona Geological History: Chapter 3: Devonian to Permian Time

Arizona Geological History Chapter 4: Triassic Period

Arizona Geological History Chapter 5: Jurassic Time

Arizona Geological History Chapter 6, The Cretaceous Period

Arizona Geological History Chapter 7: The Cenozoic Era


AZGS field guides to Arizona Geology

A guide to the geology of the Sedona & Oak Creek Canyon area of Arizona

A Guide to the geology of Sabino Canyon and the Catalina Highway

A Guide to the Geology of the Santa Catalina Mountains

A Guide to the Geology of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve

A Guide to the Geology of the Flagstaff Area

A Guide to Geology of Petrified Forest National Park

A Guide to Oak Creek-Mormon Lake Graben

American Geosciences Institute’s Critical Issues Program

An experimental virtual tour through the Grand Canyon

Arizona Fires floods earthquakes and the Grand Canyon

A piece of fossilized lightning

AZGS Guides to Northern Arizona Geology

Beneath the Tucson Valley

Breccia pipes of northwestern Arizona and their economic significance

Caliche – nature’s concrete

The explosive geology of the Chiricahua Mountains

Did exploding stars help life on Earth to thrive?

Down-to-Earth: Making geology accessible to the Arizona public

Roadside Geology – Wupatki and Sunset Crater Volcano National Monuments

Earth Fissures in Arizona

Earth fissure viewer for Arizona on Google Earth

New and Updated Earth Fissure Maps for Maricopa, Pinal, and Cochise Counties

Geologic History: PETM when it really got hot

Geology of “A” Mountain and Tumamoc Hill

Geology of Petrified Forest National Park

Grand Canyon age controversy heats up

History of Meteor Crater Arizona

History of the Ajo mining district

History of the Warren Mining District Bisbee Arizona

How Caves Form

Interactive Geologic Map of Arizona

Landscape evolution in SE Arizona

Origin of the Grand Canyon

Origin of the Lower Colorado River – a geological detective story

Sedona’s Sinkholes

Sink holes in Arizona

Some really big sink holes from around the world

The Siberian Crater – a Pingo is what done it

The Pirate Fault of the Santa Catalina Mountains

Pirate fault update

The Redwall Limestone of the Grand Canyon

Tucson Mountains Chaos

Tucson Mountains geology update

Twisted rock records profound environmental change

Where the Glyptodonts Roamed

Papers by David Briggs:

History of the Ajo Mining District, Pima County, Arizona

History of the Warren (Bisbee) Mining District

History of the San Manuel-Kalamazoo Mine, Pinal County, Arizona

Recovery of Copper by Solution Mining Techniques

Superior, Arizona – An Old Mining Camp with Many Lives

History of the Copper Mountain (Morenci) Mining District

History of Helvetia-Rosemont Mining District, Pima County, Arizona




Earthquakes in NW Arizona explained

Arizona earthquakes numbers saw a large increase in 2011

Arizona is earthquake country

Arizona earthquakes, 1852-2011, a video time line

Arizona’s first online Natural Hazard Viewer

Earthquake videos from Arizona Geological Survey

Earthquake hazard near Flagstaff assessed, Video

Earthquakes shake Morenci, Arizona area

Is global warming causing more earthquakes?

Lake Mead has series of small earthquakes

Local atmospheric changes may foretell large earthquakes

Precariously Balanced Rocks and earthquakes

Spanish Scientists Find Technique to Predict Earthquakes Claiming 80% Accuracy

The Measure of an Earthquake

The Great Arizona Shakeout October 18

The Great Arizona-Sonora Earthquake of 1887

Where the Next Big American Earthquake and Tsunami Might Occur


Ice loss minimal in Antarctica, Greenland, and Himalayas

Ice Ages and Glacial Epochs

When Antarctica Freezes Over


Coronal mass ejection from the Sun headed toward Earth

Earth’s Magnetic Poles, Reversing or Not


AZ Geological Survey makes 20,000 documents available for free

American Mineral Heritage: The Harvard Collection at the Flandrau 2016

American non-fuel mineral production 2016

Aggregate resources of Phoenix Metro area

Arizona was #1 mineral producer in 2014

AZ Mining Review (episode 22) the Orange Sludge of Patagonia

Arizona Geological Survey adds Sells collection to database

Arizona Geological Survey Mining Collections

Arizona zeolites, some ancient camels, and maybe a saber-toothed cat

A Short History of Mining Law

ADEQ does a better job than the Feds on environmental permitting

An Argument for Reforming the Process Used to Permit Mining Projects

Arizona Geological Survey Leads Geothermal Energy Study

AZGS releases interactive map of Gold King mine spill sampling

Arizona Oil & Gas well viewer now online

Arizona may become a major producer of potash

Arizona CO2 production could enhance American oil supply

Arizona Geology: earthquakes, potash and education

Black Ops II and our mineral supply

Britain may have its own shale gas revolution

China Controls Rare Earth Elements Supply

Deep sea mud provides potential source of rare-earth minerals

Distinguishing Fact from Fiction about Rosemont

Economic Impact of Mining in Arizona 2012

Eminent domain action by City of Florence against Curis Resources may come back to bite them

Florence Copper another mining controversy

Forest Service closing in on final Rosemont report

Fossil fuel resources of the United States

Future of Rosemont Mine Very Certain

Geology of kitty litter

Gold in Arizona 2012 update

Gold in Arizona

Gold of Cañada del Oro and rumors of treasure

Gold in modern life

Helium potential of Arizona may help fill shortage

History of the Copper Mountain (Morenci) Mining District, Greenlee County, Arizona

How NEPA crushes productivity

If it can’t be grown, it has to be mined

Importance of Copper

Importance of domestic mining to manufacturing

Iron – critical to nearly every industry (infographic)

Jacobs tungsten mill in Tucson

Last Primary American lead smelter closing

Lateritic, supergene rare earth element (REE) deposits

Local Politicians Against Jobs

Mercury mining in the Phoenix Mountains

Mineral potential of the proposed Sonoran Desert Heritage Area

Minerals vital to modern life

Mining lithium for batteries is no greener than mining copper

Mining royalties, another bad, job-killing idea from Raul Grijalva

Mining and the bureaucracy

Molybdenum infographic

Mr. Grijalva, why imposing royalties on hard rock mining is a bad idea

New Zinc-lead-silver mineral deposit discovered in SE Arizona -Hermosa

Old mines of the Tucson Mountains

Once upon a time in Crown King

Oracle Ridge mine may re-open next year

Oracle Ridge Mine on Mount Lemmon

Permitting, Economic Value, and Mining in the United States

Permitting, Economic Value, and Mining part 2

Petroleum and Natural Gas Potential of the Paradox Basin

Potash and Phosphate help feed the world

Pima County versus Rosemont

Platinum group metals fight pollution and cancer

Potential targets for shale-oil and shale-gas exploration in Arizona

Rare Earth Elements Deposits in New Mexico

Rare mineral records Antarctica temperature history

Rare Earths Resources in the US

How we use rare earth elements

Rosemont answers Cyanide Beach

Rosemont’s dry-stacked tailings will be greener than those near Green Valley

Rosemont’s Conservation Lands Program

Saginaw Hill, another old mine in a Tucson area neighborhood

Salt deposits of Arizona

Scientific misconduct at USGS lab affects Arizona

Shale Oil Potential of Arizona

Sierrita Mine is only U.S. source of Rhenium

Silver project may become only US source of manganese

Silver: The Versatile Metal Powering American Innovation

Some Interesting Questions to Ponder about Rosemont Copper

Surprising Structure of the Copper Deposits near Green Valley, Arizona

The Copper Creek area – the next mining venture and controversy

The value of mining in Arizona

The Pontatoc mine in a north Tucson neighborhood

The Geophysicist’s Guide to Striking It Rich

The importance of minerals to our economy and national security

The I-10 copper deposit

Thorium, another alternative energy choice

Uncorrected Forest Service errors block marble mine

Uranium mining and its potential impact on Colorado River water

Uranium mining ban near Grand Canyon all politics, no science

USGS claims that mercury and selenium are accumulating in the Colorado River

US now 100% dependent on other countries for 19 critical minerals (2015)

Video: The Beauty of Minerals

When is a mine “mined out”?

Wildcat Silver announces positive results for Santa Cruz County project

Zinc the building block of summer fun


A Geologist’s Tale

Arizona Geological Survey to inventory landslides in Arizona


AZ Geological Survey to release county geologic maps online

A home buyer’s guide to geologic hazards

ADOT’s plan to fix landslide on Highway 89 near Page

Arizona Geological Survey goes live online with a mining review program

AZGS field guides to Arizona Geology

Arizona Geology e-magazine for summer 2013 now online

Arizona Geological Survey celebrates its 125th anniversary

Arizona Geology Magazine – Winter 2013

BLM bands mining claims from new solar zones

Carbon dioxide storage in the Tucson Basin

Carbon dioxide storage in NE Arizona Permian sandstone

Deep Carbon Observatory

Desert varnish and its life forms

Flatulent Fauna Fables and climate

Forest fires create increased danger of destructive debris flows

Geology of Catalina State Park

Geology is responsible for some phenomena blamed on global warming

Geologic hazards in Arizona – Radon

Giant crack opens in northern Arizona on the Navajo Reservation

Governor Ducey proposes transferring Arizona Geological Survey to University of Arizona – Bad Idea

How to eat a Triceratops

Hydroclimate of northeast US highly sensitive to solar forcing

March solar storm dumps gigawatts into Earth’s upper atmosphere

Meteorite Craters – Asteroid Impact Sites

Monsoon Rains Bring the Risk of Debris Flows

Moon has liquid core says NASA

Mystery of sliding rocks on Racetrack Playa solved

National Geothermal Data System, free online

New Source of Geothermal Energy in Western US.

Nuclear Explosion on Mars

Oak Creek-Mormon Lake Graben field guide

Photos and video of Highway 89 slump near Page Arizona

Radium in drinking water

READ THE ROCK test your geological skills

Research Review 3 Climate cycles and a Mammoth Mystery

San Pedro River Geology – Implications for water law

Sea Level Rising?

Size matters in sea level studies

Some Geologic Terms for Scrabble Players

State of geothermal resources in the US

The Cinder Cone Caper

The Eocene climatic optimum and paradise lost

The future of the Arizona Geological Survey

Tsunami produces giant Antarctic icebergs, video

Update on Bitter Springs landslide on highway 89 near Page with video

Verde River System Maps


Age of young volcanic field near the Palo Verde nuclear power plant

Ancient Undersea Volcano in Arizona at Jerome

Iceland Volcano Blows a Smoke Ring

Iceland volcano and its effect on life Photos

Icelandic Volcanoes Geologic Setting

Katla volcano in Iceland may be priming to erupt

Some Fallout from Icelandic Volcanoes

Some Effects of Volcanic Ash Eruptions

Submarine volcano erupts near Oregon

The dual nature of Hawaiian volcanos

Volcanic eruption in Chile Photos

Volcanoes may have greater influence on climate than previously thought

Yellowstone Super Volcano

Yellowstone Super Volcano Update

Young Volcanic Fields of Arizona


Gold in modern life

How we use rare earth elements

Importance of Copper

Importance of domestic mining to manufacturing

Iron – critical to nearly every industry

Minerals vital to modern life – a short video


Permitting, Economic Value, and Mining part 2

Platinum group metals fight pollution and cancer

Potash and Phosphate help feed the world

Silver: The Versatile Metal Powering American Innovation


Zinc the building block of summer fun





American Kestrel

Barn Owls

Black-bellied whistling duck

Black-necked Stilt

Burrowing owls

Cactus Wren

Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy Owl – is it a real species?

Cardinals, Pyrrhuloxias and Phainopeplas

Cooper’s Hawks – swift predators

Creatures of the night – Nighthawks and Poorwills

Crested Caracara

Curvebilled Thrasher

Elf Owl

Eurasian Collared Doves

Gambels Quail

Gila Woodpecker


Great Blue Heron

Great Horned Owl

Great-tailed Grackle

Harris’ Hawks, Wolves of the Air

Lilac Crowned Parrots

Mourning Doves

Parrots in the desert?

Peregrine Falcons


Ravens and Crows

Steller’s Jay – noisy and bold

The Red-tailed Hawk, a varied and versatile predator

Roadrunner, a wily predator


Vermilion Flycatchers

Vultures, the clean-up crew

Way of the Hummingbird

Western Screech Owl

Western Tanager

White-winged Doves


American badger

American beaver in Arizona

Cold Case: What Killed the Mammoths

Creatures of the Night: Cactus mouse

Creatures of the Night: The Bats

Creatures of the Night: Kangaroo Rat

Creatures of the Night: Grasshopper Mouse

Creatures of the night – Ringtails

Creatures of the night – Pocket Mice

Creatures of the Night – Skunks in Arizona

Desert Bighorn Sheep

Desert Museum has a new Black Bear

Do not mess with Javelinas

Jaguar sighted near Tucson

Mountain Lions

New Prairie Dogs at Desert Museum

New Coatis at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Opossums in Arizona

Pack Rats are Desert Archaeologists

Porcupines – yes some live in Tucson

River Otters of Arizona

Super Coyote, the new top dog?

The Urban Coyote and a Creation Story

The neighborhood Bob Cat

Three Desert Squirrels

Urban Coyotes prowl Tucson neighborhoods

What Color is a Black Bear?


Creatures of the night- Spadefoots

The Toxic Sonoran Desert Toad


Arizona Coral Snakes

Desert Tortoise

Spinytail Iguanas

Kingsnakes versus Rattlesnakes

Gopher snakes

Coachwhips – colorful snakes

Clever Horned Lizard

Metachromatic spiny lizards

Mexican vine snakes


Speckled Rattlesnakes

Venomous Lizards


The Arizona Brown Spider – a reclusive beastie

The Lurid Sex Life of Bruchid Beetles

The Praying Mantis – a voracious and useful predator

Black Widow Spiders

A green lynx spider may be lurking in your yard

Carpenter Bees – black and gold and smelling like roses

Cochineal the Little Red Bug

Desert Bees and Africanized Bees

Dragonflies and Damselflies

Giant Mesquite Bugs

Life on a dead saguaro

New giant tarantula found in Sri Lanka – Video

New scorpion species found in Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson

Palo verde root borers are emerging

Pipvine Swallowtail butterfly

Sphinx moths

Scorpions, Vinegaroons, and Sun Spiders

Why do scorpions glow under UV light?

Tarantula Hawks Deliver The Big Sting

Venomous Centipedes and Cyanide-Oozing Millipedes

The life of Walkingstick insects

Western honey bees and colony collapse disorder

Who’s Afraid of Tarantulas?


Stingrays in the desert


A Desert Christmas cactus

Agave, a plant of many uses

Arizona Passion Flower

Arizona wild cotton

Beargrass and baskets

Brittlebush and chewing gum

Can You Get Potable Water From a Cactus?

Chiltepin peppers, spice and medicine

The uniquely fragrant chocolate flower

Creeping devil cactus

Creosote Bush, a Desert Survivor

Data presentation in Santa Catalina Mountains plant study misleading

Desert Tobacco, a pretty but poisonous desert plant

Desert Mistletoe

Desert Spoon (Sotol) a plant of many uses

Desert Willows provide emergency food and medicine

Devil’s Claw provides food, fiber and medicine

Golden Fleece – a hardy desert flowering plant

Guayacán a pretty flowering tree

Edible Desert Plants – Barrel Cactus Fruit

Hopbush – pretty and poisonous

Indian Fig – a useful variety of Prickly Pear Cactus

Jojoba oil, good on the outside, bad on the inside

Joshua Trees of the Mohave Desert

Jumping cactus – chain fruit and teddy bear cholla

Limberbush or blood of the dragon

A London Rocket in my yard

Matilija poppy (fried egg plant)

Medusa’s Head a strange and useful plant

Mesquite Trees Provide Food and a Pharmacy

War on the Range – Ranchers versus Mesquite

Mexican Cardon cactus – world’s largest

More on Mesquite

Mormon Tea – a widely used medicinal plant

Oak trees of the Sonoran Desert Region

Ocotillos and the Boojum

Night-blooming Cereus cactus

Palo Verde Trees Will Turn the Desert

Sacred Datura – pretty, poisonous, and hallucinogenic

Saguaro Cactus Icon of the Sonoran Desert

Should the Acuna cactus receive Federal protection?

Sowthistle – a new weed in my yard

Spectacular flowers of the Red Torch Cactus

Staghorn and Buckhorn Cholla Cactus

Stinging Spurge – the Mala Mujer of Arizona and Sonora

The Old Man and the Totem Pole

Tucson invaded by popcorn flowers

Velvetpod mimosa

Western Soapberry trees often buzz with activity

What goes on inside Cactus “guts”

Yuccas provide food, fiber, and soap


2015 was rainiest year at my house

Are Mexican wolves in Arizona actually wolf-dog hybrids?

Some not so natural critters of Arizona, Jackalopes, stick lizards and sand trout

Forest thinning may increase runoff and supplement our water supply

Anatomy of a Thunderstorm

Animal Camouflage- how to disappear

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum digital library adds new features

Cattle grazing may restore grasslands and reverse desertification

Festival of Flight at Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Haboobs and the anatomy of a thunderstorm

More on the Haboob dust storm that covered Phoenix

Of Polar Bears and Penguins

Preview of new aquarium exhibit at Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Raptor Free-Flight Returns to Desert Museum

Research Review 3 Climate cycles and a Mammoth Mystery

Sea ice gone; walruses come ashore, not unusual

The walrus aTufted evening primrose – a winter bloomernd the warmist hype

The Grazing Revolution by Allan Savory

The Desert in Winter

The most dangerous venomous animals of the Southwest

Tufted evening primrose – a winter bloomer

Tucson Mountain Wildlife Viewing Guide

Wolf attacks on humans in North America



Evidence that CO2 emissions do not intensify the greenhouse effect

An examination of the relationship between temperature and carbon dioxide

Surprising results from NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory

How much global warming is dangerous?

French mathematicians say “The battle against global warming: an absurd, costly and pointless crusade”

Only about 3% of CO2 in atmosphere due to burning fossil fuels

ATMOSPHERIC CO2: a boon for the biosphere

Some basic facts on carbon dioxide and climate

Current warming not unprecedented

Study shows that greenhouse gas induced warming decreased in last 14 years

How climate has affected human history

20th Century temperatures explained as natural recovery from Little Ice Age

A 2485-year record shows current warming is a natural cycle

Climate change in perspective

An Illustrated Guide to El Nino and La Nina

New paper on Earth’s albedo has some surprises

Astronomers predict a major drop in solar activity, that means a cold spell

Carbon Dioxide and the Greenhouse Effect

Carbon dioxide is necessary for life on Earth

CERN experiment confirms cosmic ray effect on climate

Climate Change Reconsidered II – A major new report on the state of the climate

Climate Change Reconsidered II – Biological Impact

Climate Change and Biodiversity

Declining Sunspots my trigger deep cooling period

El Nino incites wars and the Post Office controls temperature

EL NINO climate models predict opposite of what really happens

El Nino to El Nino 2016 – no net warming

Geologic History: PETM when it really got hot

Geology is responsible for some phenomena blamed on global warming

Geophysicist predicts new “Little Ice Age” by 2050

German scientists predict global temperature will decline throughout this century

Global warming theory fails again

Global warming and the polar vortex

Global cooling predicted for the next 30 years

Hansen – burning coal prevented global warming

Harrison Schmitt on climate history

How Mother Nature Fools Climate Scientists

Humans and the Carbon Cycle

Hurricane Frequency

Hurricanes and Global Warming

Hydroclimate of northeast US highly sensitive to solar forcing

Leaked IPCC report undercuts anthropogenic global warming

March solar storm dumps gigawatts into Earth’s upper atmosphere

Mississippi flooding and climate change

More evidence that current warming is not unusual

NASA Lowers Estimate of Carbon Dioxide Warming Effect

NASA Says Earth Is Entering A Cooling Period

NASA says volcanoes, not coal burning is major source of sulfur dioxide in atmosphere

Natural Climate Cycles

Norwegian research shows that current warming is not unusual

Parick Moore asks – should we celebrate carbon dioxide

Possible consequences of the coming solar minimum

Rare mineral records Antarctica temperature history

Researchers from Harvard and Princeton inadvertently prove carbon dioxide does not control temperature

Solar cycle changes indicate a cooling period ahead

Superstorms and magnetic poles

Temperature variations, not humans, control atmospheric CO2 content

Terrestrial biosphere response to rising CO2 and temperature

The Positive Externalities of Carbon Dioxide on Global Food Production

The Stadium Wave Hypothesis

The Eocene climatic optimum and paradise lost

The Storm Over Tornadoes

Treeline studies show warmer past

Water vapor and the climate

Water evaporated from trees cools global climate

What keeps Earth warm – the greenhouse effect or something else?

Which comes first, rise in global CO2 or rise in global temperature?

Winter Snowstorms and Global Warming

Your Carbon Footprint doesn’t Matter

Political correctness and your carbon footprint 

Video – Are climate models and surface temperature record reliable


On consensus in science

Science in trouble

“Cooking” Consensus on Climate Change

The 97 percent consensus for human caused climate change debunked again

Covering up the cooling consensus

The 98% climate consensus, where did the number come from?


Researchers want to deploy 100 million ice-making machines to the Arctic
New study shows Antarctic sea ice is the same as it was 100 years ago

Another Greenland melting scare

Antarctic sea ice sets new high record

Antarctic ice melt numbers in perspective

The “Unstoppable Collapse” of the West Antarctic ice sheet – the rest of the story

Antarctic ozone hole may have larger role in climate change

Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse Due to Waves

Arctic sea ice reaches seasonal low

Arctic ice reached record low extent in 2012 – or maybe not

Arctic and Antarctic instrument errors have warming bias

Arctic Ocean predicted to be ice free by 2013 – oops

Arctic Temperatures: Not So Hot

Arctic tipping point, will there be an ice-free Arctic

Claim: Arctic getting darker, making Earth warmer

Claim: global warming causes Arctic ice to melt and Antarctic ice to increase

Greenland “melting” and media hype

Greenland surprises

Greenland ice melt due to geothermal heat flux

Ice Follies and Hiding the Decline

Ice loss minimal in Antarctica, Greenland, and Himalayas

Ice core bubbles and carbon dioxide

NASA hypes Arctic algal blooms as “unprecedented”

Of Polar Bears and Penguins

Predictions of an ice-free Arctic Ocean

Siberian meteor crater records nearly 3 million years of climate history

Sunburned Whales and Ozone

The great Arctic methane scare, again

Arctic methane scare – cancelled

The Arctic-Antarctic seesaw

Two new studies say Antarctica gaining ice and snow – not melting


Drought and predictions of doom for the Southwest

Drought in the West

Droughts in the Southwest put in perspective

El Niño, bristlecone pines, and drought in the Southwest

Forest fire regime in Sierra Nevada due to land use changes not climate

Mega-fires in Southwest due to forest mismanagement

Megadrought and the Arizona Daily Star

North American wildfires and global warming

Media hype about forest fires and global warming

Scaremongering from the University of Nebraska

Sierra Nevada snow pack – the larger picture

University of Arizona Scientists Find Evidence of Roman Period Megadrought

Wildfires and Warming – Relationship not so clear

Humans caused 84% of US wildfires from 1992 to 2012

Claim: Worsening wild fires due to rising temperature


Climate models for the layman

The Moral Bankruptcy of Climate Science

Dr John Christy shows climate models are wrong

Researchers use citizen poll rather than science to justify climate policy

Gulf Stream slowing – another unfound climate scare

Top UN official admits climate change is about transforming world economy

UN IPCC Synthesis Report is a pack of lies

“Risky Business” debunked

National Climate Assessment = science fiction and politics

National Climate Assessment lacks facts, an analysis

Biting the hand that feeds you and prophesies of doom

“Climastrologist” James Hansen versus reality

“Cooking” Consensus on Climate Change

Covering up the inconvenient consensus on global cooling

The 97 percent consensus for human caused climate change debunked again

A Superstorm for Global Warming Research

A Basic Error in Climate Models

African Lake Study Leaves Some Questions

An open letter challenging the EPA on CO2 regulation

Another “hockey stick” graph spurs more climate hype

Another climate model failure – no extremes in drought or rainfall in the 20th century

Another climate scandal brewing

British supercomputer botches weather forecasts

Government winter weather forecasts botched again

Climate contentions and rebuttals, AGW fails

Climate Model Projections vs Real World Observations


Climategate 2, more emails released

Climategate: Conflicts of interest and corrupted science

Climategate The Plot Thickens

Climategate Update Feb 18, 2010 Phil Jones and the NASA files

Climategate Analysis

Critique of the IPCC’s Summary for Policymakers

Failure of the Anthropogenic Global Warming Hypothesis

Global temperature continues divergence from model predictions

Groupthink in climate science

IPCC AR5 climate report may be dead on arrival

IPCC 95% Certain – hold on to your wallets

IPCC downplays abrupt climate change danger

IPCC and Peer Review

IPCC Admits Its Past Reports Were Junk

Leaked IPCC report undercuts anthropogenic global warming

More evidence that climate models are wrong

NASA satellite data show climate models are wrong – again

New study shows that 50% of warming claimed by IPCC is fake

On consensus in science

The new IPCC climate report is already in trouble

The Case Against the IPCC and Proponents of Dangerous Anthropological Global Warming

The Assumed Authority

The 98% climate consensus, where did the number come from?

Tree ring temperature data may be compromised by grazing sheep

Welcome to a new geologic era  – the Idiocene

Why climate science is fallible

Why climate science is corrupt

Science in Trouble


The Sea Level Scam

NOAA Scientists Leave out Inconvenient Data from Congressional Testimony

Corals and Carbon Dioxide

Obama parts the waters, sea level drops

Ocean Acidification by Carbon Dioxide

Oceans Warmer?

Ozone theory has holes

Rate of sea level rise is controlled by natural oscillations

Science Fiction from the University of Arizona?

More science fiction from the University of Arizona

Sea Level Rise in the South Pacific: None

Sea Level Rise Declining says EU

Sea level rising fast along American East Coast – or not

Sea Level Rising?

Size matters in sea level studies

University of Arizona dances with sea level


Arizona Temperature averages

March 2017 – hottest ever in Tucson?

Measuring Global Temperature by Dr. Roy Spencer

NOAA can’t find link between global warming and extreme weather

NOAA caught manipulating temperature data – again

New NOAA data show cooling trend for last 10 years

Newer NOAA data show an 18-year cooling trend in US

Arizona summer heat alarms Arizona Daily Star

Obama and bad weather

2010 the 9000th Warmest Year

2014 was the third or sixth or 34th or 8000th warmest year

2014 the warmest? NASA now says “never mind”

A Matter of Degrees, Sizzle or Freeze

Berkeley Temperature record update2 the longer record

Berkeley temperature study update

Climate Data, Fact or Fiction

Colorado flooding not as bad as 1965 or 1935 according to state climatologist

Cooking the books – was 2012 really the hottest ever in the US?

Experiments – what is the real temperature?

Global cooling since 1990?

Human induced warming in Tucson

Hurricane Sandy in perspective

Invasion of blister rust, pine beetles, global warming, and forest extinction

IPCC says they don’t know if the climate is becoming more extreme

July 2012 not hottest according to NOAA data

Map of tornado tracks in the US

Media pawns in IPCC extreme weather hype

Mild Winter Makes March Madness

More March Madness – Az Star Blames Human-caused Climate Change for March Heat

Most US maximum temperature records set in the 1930s

Mystery of the missing heat

Global Warming Still Hiding

No Atlantic hurricanes so far this season – a half time report

NOAA’s trouble with numbers and the hottest year

NOAA accused of fabricating temperature data

NOAA temperature record “adjustments” could account for almost all “warming” since 1973

NOAA experiment shows US temperatures not as warm as reported

Pained Earth’s summer to forget: the rest of the story

Press punked by Berkeley temperature study

Satellite temperature data versus carbon dioxide

Satellite data show that CO2 has almost no effect on global warming

Some perspective on the Philippine typhoon

State of the climate – August 2013

The lost pause of global warming


The past is getting cooler

The Warmer New Normal Temperature

The significance of the 17-year pause in global warming

The State of our Surface Temperature Records

Thought to be extinct

Urban heat island effect on temperatures, a tale of two cities

US Temperature trends show a spurious doubling says Anthony Watts

US temperature trends published by NOAA are 50% too high

Warmer nights no proof of global warming

Weather extremes and global warming – no increasing trend


Forest fires create increased danger of destructive debris flows

Mega-fires in Southwest due to forest mismanagement

North American wildfires and global warming

Wildfires and Warming – Relationship not so clear

Claim: “Worsening Wildfires Linked to Temp Rise”

Media hype about forest fires and global warming

Climate Madness 1
Climate Madness 2

Climate Madness 3

Climate Madness 4

Climate Madness 5

Climate Madness 6

Climate Madness 7

Climate Madness 8

Climate Madness 9

Climate Madness 10

Earth Hour: A dissent

Tucson;s march for science – or is it money

American Association for the Advancement of Science ignores the Science

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum issues position statement on climate change

Comments on the Pope’s Encyclical

Cement is a carbon sink

Montini versus Ducey on climate change

Scientists claim to have directly measured carbon dioxide warming the Earth

Climate science, perpetual motion and squirrels

Habitat niche modeling, predictions of extinction, and a dose of reality

Is global warming shrinking goats and sheep?

“Fakegate” A climate scam backfires

A Modest Proposal: Triple Your Carbon Footprint

Al Gore faked video of warming experiment

Al Gore’s Favorite Graph

Arizona Daily Star editorial rebuts itself

Arizona and the Western Climate Initiative

British Balloon to spew sulfur, another wacky geoengineering scheme

The Oman geoengineering scheme to save the planet

California’s crazy cap & trade scheme

Cancun Climate Conference, Japan Says No To Kyoto

Carbon Credit Trading, the next financial bubble to burst?

Carbon Credit Trading Collapses in US

Carbon dioxide makes you fat and other climate crazies

Carbon dioxide temporarily tops 400ppm, so what?

Climate conference in Cancun is about redistributing wealth

Climate craziness and warming activists

Climate propaganda – health scares next?

Critical thinking on climate change

Do Violence and temperature rise together?

Book review: Doubt and certainty in climate science by Alan Longhurst

Environment Arizona – The Rest of the Story

Error-ridden University of Arizona press release hypes study

Feds spend $10 million a day to study climate change

Feedback from a Vested Interest

Flatulent Fauna Fables and climate

Geoengineering Wacky Schemes to Control Climate

Girthic Warming

Global warming on Mars, Neptune and Pluto

Global warming and malaria, another myth debunked

Gore Effect Nature’s Little Joke

Greenhouse gasses responsible for OVER 100% of global warming according to SkepticalScience

Impact of burning Alberta’s oil sands

Limit greenhouse gases or extraterrestrials may destroy us

Melted streetlights in Oklahoma blamed on global warming

More Climate Skullduggery

More unintended consequences of white roofs

Obama’s Climate Action Plan is Clueless and Dangerous

Oops fighting global warming may cause global warming

Purdue scientists propose to curtail anthropogenic global warming by manufacturing snow in Antarctica

Saguaro National Park and Climate Change

So now burning coal causes cooling?

Star’s Story Lacks Facts

Strange or contrasting global warming stories

Sycophantic stupid studies on global warming

The Lighter Side of Global Warming

The total result of the Durban climate change conference

University of Arizona says we have been doing climate change wrong

University of Arizona produces another global warming food scare

USDA says carbon dioxide can reverse effects of drought

Were Obama and Romney derelict in not discussing climate change during their debates?

White roofs and unintended consequences

Why scientists disagree about global warming



A New Type of Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor

APS wants electric energy efficiency to cost more

Arizona Corporation Commission May Ration Electricity

Demise of Incandescent Light Bulbs May Increase Energy Use

EIA says Clean Energy program will increase electricity costs 29%

Electricity supply endangered by EPA regulations

Electricity generated by wind power may raise temperatures and costs

National Renewable Energy Standard Will Mean Higher Electricity Bills

Petition to Arizona legislature – Dump Renewable Energy Mandates

Renewable energy causes electricity cost to skyrocket

Slack lines cause power outages

Smart Grid may ration electricity

“Social cost of carbon” scam

Solar energy cannot economically compete in electricity generation

Study says subsidies and tax incentives for renewable energy have minimal effect on greenhouse gas emissions

Energy subsidies in perspective

TEP wants to control your air conditioner this summer

The economic impact of Arizona’s renewable energy mandate

Will you let the power company control your air conditioner?


Chevy Volt officially introduced but is less than claimed

Does the Chevy Volt produce more CO2 from its battery than from its gasoline engine

EcoTotality electric car charging company eyes bankruptcy

Electric cars not selling

Electric cars not doing well in Ireland

GM suspends production of Chevy Volt

Nissan Leaf battery degrades quickly in hot climates

Obama’s Electric car experiment a failure so far

Production of electric vehicles has twice the global warming potential of fossil fuel powered cars

Tax Dollars to Build Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

The Chevy Volt, just the latest expensive toy

Which Vehicles Are Most Energy Efficient?


In Defense of Fossil Fuels

Just the Fracks ma’am

Arizona CO2 production could enhance American oil supply

Atlantic off-shore drilling could boost economy by $23 billion

BP, Obama, and the EPA

BREAKING: Court tosses EPA Cross-state air pollution rule

Britain may have its own shale gas revolution

Bureaucracy Bungling Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup

Clean Coal: Boon or Boondoggle?

EPA’s Clean Power Plan would disproportionally hurt the poor

EPA versus Arizona on regional haze issue

EPA war on coal threatens Tucson water supply

EPA fuel standards costly and ineffective

EPA targets wrong cause of haze in Grand Canyon

EPA emission standards for trucks: heavy cost, no benefit

Fossil fuel resources of the United States

Gasoline Prices and the Obama Energy Policy

Gasoline prices oil subsidies and politics

Geothermic Fuel Cells may make vast oil shale resources economically recoverable

Gulf Oil Disaster – Beneath the Waves

Hurricanes and Oil Slicks

Keystone XL pipeline and the Ogallala aquifer

Methane hydrates could fuel the world

Open federal land to energy exploration and development to boost economy

Peak Oil Prognosticators at it again and are wrong again

Plugging Macondo

Shale oil and environmental concerns

What happened to the Gulf oil


German wind power fails – a cautionary tale

Is a proposed Tucson Metropolitan microgrid of solar energy a good idea?

Top Google Engineers Say Renewable Energy “Simply won’t work”

British study shows wind power generates only 2 percent of rated capacity

Giant downdraft tower in Arizona another green energy venture

Impact of Solar and Wind Electricity Generation

Arizona Geological Survey Leads Geothermal Energy Study

Avian mortality from solar farms

Big Wind gets “get out of jail free card” from Obama Administration

Biofuel from Prickly Pear Cactus

Biofuels program destroying grasslands in American Midwest

BLM bands mining claims from new solar zones

Blowing in the Wind, a look at green jobs

Book Review – Let It Shine, The 6000-year Story of Solar Energy by John Perlin

The cost and consequences of “green” energy

Carbon tax failures – lessons from Australia and Germany

Could Gila Bend, Arizona, Become the Solar Capital of the World?

Death Toll from Biofuels

Does alternative energy actually replace fossil fuel consumption?

Electricity generated by wind power may raise temperatures and costs

EPA, ethanol, and catch 22

Ethanol fuel not as green as you think

Ethanol mandate fails economically and environmentally

Ethanol from Sugarcane, not so green

Green energy jobs cost taxpayers only $11 million each

Health Hazards of Wind Turbines

Ivanpah solar plant wants to burn more natural gas

Ivanpah solar seeks government grant to pay off government loan

Molten salt nuclear reactors and air-borne wind generators

New Source of Geothermal Energy in Western US.

Obama Crony Capitalism and Green Tech Failures

Pima County solar project raises questions

Renewable energy mandates raise electricity costs

Renewables receive bulk of tax preference subsidies

Solar Updraft Towers, an alternate, alternative energy source

State of geothermal resources in the US

The scale problem for solar and wind generation of electricity

The myth of green jobs

The Cost of green energy

The next great alternative energy scheme – a giant downdraft tower in Arizona

Thorium, another alternative energy choice

Tucson solar project not a good deal for taxpayers

Two 2500-foot solar towers to be built in Arizona

UN admits that growing crops to produce biofuel is bad for environment

Vertical axis wind turbines may provide more energy on less land

Why alternative energy is not a viable alternative for electrical generation

Wind Farms Gone Wild

Wind turbine farm proposed for Willcox area

Wind turbines killed 600000 bats last year

Wind farms raise local and regional temperatures

Wind turbines versus wildlife

Winds farms decrease weather radar ability to track storms


American Energy Renaissance Act

Hype about mercury in oceans

A good reason to eliminate the Energy Department and its budget

Another questionable energy deal $16 jet fuel

Another Federal Boondoggle?

Beware of Sustainable Development

Sustainability indoctrination invades our colleges

BLM Wild Lands Designation Attempts To Bypass Congress

Book Review: The Energy Gap by Doug Hoffman and Allen Simmons

Compact fluorescent bulbs may contribute to skin cancer

Energy and convenient solutions Johnson

How Many Haz-Mat Suits Do You Need to Change a Lightbulb?

Implications of new vehicle fuel efficiency standards

Is Proposed City Solar Project Good For Ratepayers?

Kerry-Lieberman Bill Bad for Consumers

National Geothermal Data System

Natural gas pipeline stirs controversy in Arizona Altar Valley

How President Obama has increased our energy costs

Obama Clueless on Energy – Part 2

Obama Clueless on Energy – Part 1

Obama says Drill Baby Drill

Obama administration still clueless on energy

Obama, the Keystone Cop-out

Obama’s Climate Action Plan is Clueless and Dangerous

Obama’s April Fools Joke

Pima County Solar Plan Could Save Money

Politics versus American Energy Security

President Obama’s “all of the above” energy policy isn’t

Radiation Fears in Perspective

Subsidies for renewable energy do not lower carbon dioxide emissions

The cost of energy conservation

The hypocrisy of Obama’s energy boasts

Water-Energy Nexus

Would you pay $50 for a light bulb?


100 things you should know about DDT

Activist group trots out tritium scare

Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse Due to Waves

Arizona Wallow fire photos

Arizona Game & Fish Department against critical habitat for jaguar

Assault weapons – a machine gun from 1718

Assertive headline mis-characterizes the reality of a medical research study

Asteroid hits Russia – Videos

Be skeptical of health studies linking X to Y

Bioreactor landfills – advantages and disadvantages

Biosphere 2 Ready for New Research

Buenos Aires National Game Refuge

Constructing a Landmark Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge

Consumer Reports and Bisphenol A

Did an asteroid explode over Tucson?

Does carbon dioxide make you dumb?

Don’t leave children or pets in a parked car in the summer

Earth Day predictions

EPA targets wrong cause of haze in Grand Canyon

EPA may change Dioxane standards in Tucson water

Genetically Modified Foods, nothing to fear

GMO rice eliminates methane emissions and increases nutrition

Replace EPA

Impact of new EPA ozone rule

EPA experiments on humans debunk their ozone and particulate matter health claims

EPA conducted illegal and potentially lethal experiments on children

Excessive amounts of lead found in reusable grocery bags

First Image of Planet Mercury

Food scares – nitrite in cured meats

Genetically Modified Foods, nothing to fear

Historic Topographic Maps Available Online

Ideology versus bed bugs

Jaguar Listing and Habitat Designation Based on Junk Science

Jaguars versus the Rosemont mine

Life before Earth

Mars Images from University of Arizona HiRISE Project

Mega-fires in Southwest due to forest mismanagement

Meteorite Hunters,Book Review: The Fallen Sky by Christopher Cokinos

Monsoon forecast 2012

NASA’s Mono Lake Arsenic Microbes Not Quite As Advertized

National Geographic presents a really stupid program

National Academies of Science offers its publications free

New study suggests that eating nuts prolongs your life – or does it?

North American wildfires and global warming

On consensus in science

Origin of Vaccine fears

Peer-review of scientific papers does not guarantee good science

Phenomena – Ice balls on the beach and snow rolls on the slopes

Proposed Jaguar habitat in Arizona and New Mexico is scientifically and legally indefensible

Regulating behind closed doors, the cozy relationship between the Feds and environmental groups

Research review 4 mica sheets champagne bermuda triangle

Research Review #2: The Blue Mystery, toads, and rare earth metals

Rosemont and the Cuckoo scam

Rotenone, government fish poisoning my be poisoning us

Satellite photos of Arizona wildfires

Should the Acuna cactus receive Federal protection?

Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan, Pima County’s ambitious but flawed scheme

Southwest Wildfire Hydrology & Hazard Workshop Proceedings

Speculations on Neanderthals

Statistical Games #2 Stroke for Stroke

Statistical Significance in Science – how to game the system

Statistical Games #1

The EPA is destroying America

EPA Clean Power Plan is Junk Science

Wildfires and Warming – Relationship no so clear

Forest Fires in Sierra Nevada Driven by Past Land Use not Climate Change


Arizona may have larger groundwater resource

Do magnetic or electrical water treatment devices really work?

EPA war on coal threatens Tucson water supply

Forest thinning may increase runoff and supplement our water supply

How much water is there?

How Tucson Water spends Conservation Fund money

Implications of projected climate change for groundwater recharge in the western United States – paper review

Radium in drinking water

The Water-Energy Nexus

Tombstone versus the United States

Trends in groundwater levels around Tucson

Tucson transitioning to a renewable water supply

Tucson’s Water Action Plan

Water Supply and Demand in Tucson


Will Trump rein in regulation?

Reclaiming Americanism and the Constitution

Personal Responsibility and Independence

Freedom, Morality, and Ignorance

The Real State of the Union – 2014

Independence Day and State of the Union 2014

Climate and Communism

The Emoluments Gambit

Federal Land Grabs Hurt Economy and Trample Property Rights

Raul Grijalva on witch hunt for climate skeptics

Enviros are watermelons -green on the outside red in the middle

Global warming activists show their true colors – mostly red

The Collectivist Mind

Export-Import Bank represents crony capitalism

Sagebrush Rebellion Redivivus

Education Emergency: Our Children (and US) at Risk

VA too busy being green to care for veterans

2014 or 1984?

Environmental Sophistry

1070 Active in Rhode Island

The price of Obama new carbon dioxide rules

Another Obama scandal may be brewing at the EPA

Another federal coverup, how environmental laws waste money

Arizona Corporation Commission May Ration Electricity

Assault Weapons Ban Not Correlated With Decrease In Homicides

Assault weapons – a machine gun from 1718

Beware of Sustainable Development

Big Wind gets “get out of jail free card” from Obama Administration

BP, Obama, and the EPA

Cancun Climate Conference Concludes with Promises, Promises

Capitalism is not a zero sum game

Cash for clunkers, an example of a stupid government program

Common Core Arithmetic – harder than it needs to be

Con-Con Controversy

County Responds to Questions on assisting Raytheon

Dereliction of Duty by Congress and Obama

Distinguishing Fact from Fiction about Rosemont

Do we need the US Forest Service?

Does Congress Really Have to Raise Debt Ceiling?

Dump Downtown Hotel

State Educational Trends, spending versus results

Throwing money at schools still fails to improve education

Eliminate non-essential Tucson programs to help balance budget

Endangered Species paperwork to cost $206,098,920

Endangered species act could halt American energy boom

Endangered Species Act administration changes bode ill for property rights

EPA targets wrong cause of haze in Grand Canyon

EPA Admits CO2 Regulation Ineffective

Federal corporate welfare reached $100 billion in 2012

Federal debt limit reached, will dire consequences follow?

Free Speech and Tender Feelings

University of Arizona Guide for Snowflakes

Political correctness and free speech

Political correctness is why Trump won

Free the Land from the Feds

Government, 1070, Rights, and Public Funds

Greenhouse gas regulations could cost trillions

Grijalva harasses Heartland Associate

Grijalva’s anti-jobs bills

How NEPA crushes productivity

National Security and productivity depend on access to minerals

How Arizona can improve its economy

Is Pima County Park Plan Legal?

Jaguars versus the Rosemont mine

Rosemont and some troublesome cats

Last Primary American lead smelter closing

LOST at sea

Modern Streetcar turning into another City boondoggle

Note to the Next Congress

Obama spends $20 million to create 14 green jobs in Seattle

Obama Warmed Over

Obama’s Science Advisors

Obama’s Climate Action Plan is Clueless and Dangerous

Obama’s new campaign slogan has a history

Obama’s undercover EPA regulations

Occupying the Wrong Place

Our unsecured border – causes and consequences

Pima County versus Rosemont

Pima County officials cannot account for time spent on Rosemont Mine

Pima County spins its politically correct environmental programs


Property Rights and Freedom

Private Property Rights vs Environmental Feudalism

Pygmy owls and property rights

Questions on assisting Raytheon

Red Squirrels and Green Dollars

Red Tape Rising – Federal Regulations Choke Economy

Regulating behind closed doors, the cozy relationship between the Feds and environmental groups

Endangered species listings based on questionable science and lack of independent review

Repeal the Endangered Species Act

Rosemont copper mine would benefit economy and community but is buried in bureaucracy

Rosemont and the Cuckoo scam

Sandy Scam and cliff notes

Tax the Rich by Lowering Tax Rates

Taxes and Spending

The dark side of Common Core Standards for education

The sequester fluster

The EPA is destroying America

The blame game in government shutdown

The electoral college – pros and cons

The economy, the deficit, and the blame game

Tilting at plastic bags

Trouble with squirrels in Los Angeles – a feminist, posthumanist view

Plastic bags and global warming

Tombstone versus the United States

Will Tucson’s streetcar infatuation become a money pit

Your taxpayer dollars at work and play


Sell more State Trust Land to help fund schools

A small town in Wales

An Easy Way to Clean Tarnished Silver

Big Brother and Fake People

Challenge to the Arizona Daily Star – get the facts

Code V91 07XA burn due to water-skis on fire

Do newspapers have a responsibility to check wire-service stories?

EPA sued in federal court over illegal human testing

Greenland from 39000 feet

How to cheat on your college term papers and dissertations

Interactive Recreation & Cultural map of Arizona from AZGS

Is Ford’s New High-Tech Control Dangerous?

Marijuana causes global warming

Memories of Latouche Island Alaska

Mining Foundation Honors Rescuers of Trapped Chilean Miners

Miss Pickle was no lady

Privatize road-side rest areas for better service

Ranching and agriculture in Arizona, The Arizona Experience

Reflections on Earth Day and Environmentalism as Religion

Save the dragons (satire alert)

Staying at the Pongola Hotel

The Pristine Myth

The Contract with America the story of the Constitution

Tucson’s plastic bag brouhaha and a stupid study imposed by the city council

View historical stereograms of Arizona


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