Book Review – “Global Warming Skepticism for Busy People” by Dr. Roy Spencer

Chilton vs Center for Biological Diversity

America’s Culture, Its Origins & Enemies by John Harmon McElroy

Why Scientists Disagree about Global Warming

Amazing Earth Collection from Discovery Channel DVD review

Animal Wise by Virginia Morell

Anthropocene: The Human Era and How It Shapes Our Planet by Christian Schwägerl

Budding Biologist, Am I an Insect?

Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert, an IPCC Exposé

Doubt and Certainty in Climate Science by Alan Longhurst

Driven to Extinction by Richard Pearson

Echoes of Earth, Finding Ourselves in the Origin of the Planet by L. Sue Baugh

Energy Gap by Doug Hoffman and Allen Simmons

Energy and convenient solutions Johnson

For the Love of Physics by Walter Lewin

Grazing Revolution by Allan Savory

Illustrated Guide to Home Forensic Science Experiments

Indian Uses of Desert Plants

Into the Dustbin:, the Climate Report & the Nobel Peace Prize, by Donna Laframboise

Journey of the Universe” and “Journey of the Universe Conversations” – DVD Reviews

Just the Fracks ma’am Myths about hydrofracking by Greg Kozera

Let It Shine, The 6000-year Story of Solar Energy by John Perlin

Louis Agassiz, a biography by Christoph Irmscher

Manga guide to Relativity

Manga Guide to Biochemistry

Meteorite Hunters, The Fallen Sky by Christopher Cokinos

Morality of Capitalism

On Gaia, A Critical Investigation of the Relationship between Life and Earth by Toby Tyrrell

Paleozoic Fossil Plants by Bruce Stinchcomb

Philosophy, an Illustrated History of Thought

Physics an Illustrated History of the Foundations of Science

Religion versus Science by Ron Frost

Reporting On Climate Change, Understanding the Science

Sagebrush Rebel by William Perry Pendley

Science of everyday life by Len Fisher

Stephen Hawking, the big bang, invasion of aliens from outer space, the end of the world, and what’s beneath America, review of a Discovery Channel DVD

Story of Math Collection DVD review

The great global warming blunder, by Roy Spencer

The Elements an Illustrated History of the Periodic Table

Through the wormhole season three DVD reveiw

Tucson Mountain Wildlife Viewing Guide

Unobservable Universe by Scott Tyson

What Environmentalists Need To Know About Economics by Jason Scorse


Murder mysteries and noir short stories by Lonni Lees

Amazon Burning by Victoria Griffith

Crawlspace by Lonni Lees and Cold Bullets and Hot Babes by Arlette Lees

Dead End Deal by Allen Wyler – Book Review

Dead Religion by David Beers

Deranged Independent review

DERANGED, a novel of horror by Lonni Lees

Louisiana Fever by D.J. Donaldson

Mosaic Murder by Lonni Lees

Stories of Murder and Mayhem – books by Lonni Lees

The Corpse in the Cactus by Lonni Lees

Portrait of a Spy by Daniel Silva

RAD DECISION by James Aach

Zeroscape by Michael Gamble

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