Global warming activists show their true colors – mostly red

Last month I wrote an article claiming that radical environment activists are watermelons, that is green on the outside, but red in the middle, i.e., socialists.

This month they proved that contention with climate marches in New York and Oakland, California.

Here are some scenes:

In New York (source):

NY march
In Oakland (source):

Oakland march


And those nice concerned environmentalists left behind a mountain of trash, see here.

Ironically, two days prior to the global warming march on September 23, New York and New England experienced premature freezing weather. Forbes reports: “Temperatures dropped below freezing Friday in many parts of New York and other Northeastern states, with the freezing summertime temperatures setting many records throughout the Northeast. Global warming activists responded on Sunday by marching in New York City and claiming global warming is baking the planet.” This is another manifestation of Nature’s little joke: The Gore Effect.

So far, no one, not even the IPCC, has presented any physical evidence that our carbon dioxide emissions have a significant effect on global temperature.

For some background on the effect of carbon dioxide emissions see: Your carbon footprint doesn’t matter.