Marijuana causes global warming

According to a study titled “Energy up in smoke, the Carbon Footprint of Cannabis Production” by Dr. Evan Mills, a scientist with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, marijuana grown indoors in the U.S. uses as much energy as 2 million homes and produces carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to 3 million automobiles.  If you believe that carbon dioxide is responsible for global warming, then potheads are partly responsible for our hot heads.

Mills estimates that in 2011, national production of marijuana will be 17,000 metric tons, one-third of that produced indoors.  Based on the energy requirement estimates for high-intensity lighting, dehumidification, space heating, water heating, and air conditioning, it adds up to 1% of our national electricity production and produces 17 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Read the whole study here.

UPDATE April 18:

Upon reading the many comments to this post, I realize that I should have put a question mark at the end of the title so it would read “Marijuana causes global warming?”

The cited paper is just another example of climate silliness.  For those who believe carbon dioxide has a significant effect on temperature, then the author of the study shows that marijuana grown indoors uses lots of energy which implies the practice can produce carbon dioxide emissions.

Regular readers of this blog should know that I do not believe that human carbon dioxide emissions have a significant effect on global temperature because there is no physical evidence to support that contention, there are only speculations from computer modeling  – garbage in-garbage out.  Go over to the Quick Links page and scroll down to the climate section to see my posts on the matter.